Black Friday Marketing Strategies: How to Make Sales Online

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In just a few short weeks we will be coming up on the biggest holiday in America. We’re talking about Black Friday. This day (which has now extended into Cyber Monday) is a great opportunity for online health coaches to your services!

But wait, are you saying you don’t have anything to sell besides your one-on-one services?

We thought you might say that – which is why we put this episode together for you!

In today’s episode we are going to discuss all the great ways you can sell on Black Friday without having to discount your one-on-one services.

Today’s episode includes:

  • how to sell your free opt-ins (and get money for them!)
  • easy ways you can create special Black Friday products with stuff you already have
  • why discounting isn’t the way to go and what to do instead
  • how to sell something on Black Friday that you haven’t launched yet
  • marketing strategies for selling on Black Friday so that you’re actually seen


So let’s start by marketing off your calendar. Black Friday is November 27, and Cyber Monday is November 30. We encourage you to sell through Friday to the Monday.

Black Friday is insanely overpopulated with marketing, emails, Google ads, etc. So it can be hard to stand out on the actual sale weekend. When it comes to promoting what you’re going to sell, want to make sure to tell your people in advance that you're going to be having a sale. We suggest letting people know a few weeks before with a few reminders the week of Black Friday. And you want to be doing this through your email list. Obviously share it on social as well, but when you get overly promotional on social media, you will notice you don’t get as much traction.

The goal is to always get people onto your email list. People like they buy through email versus social media. Learn more about email marketing here.

What to sell on Black Friday

We are telling you right off the bat – do NOT discount your one-on-one services for Black Friday. In fact, you shouldn’t be discounting them ever. By giving someone a deep cut on your high-ticket services, you decrease your overall value.

Here are some ways you can sell on Black Friday

The good news is you might already have something to sell, even if you only have your one-on-one service.

Bundle your opt-ins

You might be thinking, but why would I sell something that I give away for free? You’re selling your knowledge and the ease of having all that information in one place. Yes, people could find these items for free, but they will pay for the accessibility of having them all in one place so they don’t have to go searching for each item.

Create an e-book

If you have a bunch of content that are within the same topic, you can combine these and sell it as an e-book. Again, it’s the convenience of having all that information in one post. If you aren’t have a lot of written blog posts, you could transcribe your videos or podcasts and turn into a book.

Create a mini course

Now this takes a bit of time, but if you have time in your calendar, you could create a mini course that is specifically for Black Friday. This could be a piece of your one-on-one services plus unlimited email support for a week. If you go this route, we encourage you to keep these to a minimum.

Another option is purchase ready-for-you programs. Our pal, Rachel Feldman sells a bunch of these different programs where all you have to do is apply your branding and bam – you’ve got yourself a mini course you can sell on Black Friday. Check out Rachel’s programs here.

Hope this helps! Happy selling and best of luck with your Black Friday Sales!

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