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What do you do when you’re on a sales call and the potential client says “I’m so sorry but I just can’t afford you”?? Do you hang up and go cry in the shower?

The old you may have done this (we definitely did this when we were starting out), but the new you who handles your business like a champ knows exactly what to do!

In today’s Biz Bomb episode, Christine is sharing her secret weapon in any sales call – the back pocket offer.

Tune in and learn about two ways you can offer someone something that will make you money, still keep your calendar open AND get a new client.

When a Client Can’t Afford You: Offer a Hybrid

A hybrid offer is something that is a combination of your lowest and highest services. This could be webinars or courses as your lowest items and your one on one coaching as your highest. Christine uses her masterclasses (which range from $47-$97) and her private coaching which include twelve 1 hour private calls.

The hybrid offer that she uses when potential clients can’t afford her private coaching is priced slightly lower than mid-range. Her hybrid offer includes all her masterclasses and a few 30 minute calls. This offer provides potential clients the opportunity to still learn a great deal and still get extra support to keep them accountable.

When a Client Can’t Afford You: Offer a Stand Alone Mid-Range offer

If you don’t have enough courses or services to combine and offer, ask yourself what you can offer than is less hands on for you, but still is work for your potential client.

When you create this offer, it’s important to keep in mind that you want your time to be much less of the equation.

This can either be something you’ve created already that you haven’t launched. Or if you’ve started to put together your signature program but it’s not done yet. Offer what you have so far at a lower price than what you will price it at once it’s complete.

Either of these offer types should be in your back pocket the next time you’re on a call and you can tell the client can’t afford you.

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