How to Talk to Your Niche so They Will Listen (The Key to Brand Messaging)

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You’ve nailed down your niche client (thanks to our last episode), congratulations! But now that you know who your client is, how do you actually talk to them?

In today’s episode of the 360 Health Biz Podcast, we are talking about how to keep your brand messaging consistent, authentic, and engaging to your ideal client.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Brand consistently is key, even down to how you dress
  • Creating your messaging means you need to do some investigation on yourself
  • You are your brand, you are your person!
  • The hardest part of being in business isn’t business itself
  • Entrepreneur vs Intrepreneur
  • How to tie everything back to your niche


What is brand messaging

Your brand message must be consistent with who you are. And who you are is what is going to attract your niche clients. Think of it this way, if you are a super chill “flower child”, do you think you will attract uptight business suit professionals? Probably not. And that’s okay!

You are your brand, you are your person. So your niche and your brand messaging need to be a part of you. And here's the difficult thing. A lot of us don't take the time to actually investigate who we are because it's not easy. Many of us don’t find out who we really are until we are in business.

So how do you find out who you are? Just be you – be your authentic self in absolutely every aspect of your business. From Instagram to emails, in your programs, webinars, blog posts and any interviews you do on other podcasts. You need to be you and your messaging should be consistent in everywhere you show up. Once you start doing this, people will pick up on the things that make you, you! And people will reach out to you and say, I love how you are XYZ. And it might be something that you're not aware of. Or it might be something that you never thought was special. But whatever it is, it will be the thing that makes you stand out and they will buy from you because of it.

How to make your brand messaging consistent

Just because you have your niche, doesn't mean that you can't talk about other things. If you want to talk about gut health but your niche is anxiety, you can certainly talk about gut health. The key to that though is you have to bring it back around to your niche. Because if you're talking about all these separate things and you're not showing your audience how it relates to the problem they have, then it feels very scattered and it doesn't feel cohesive.

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