How to Nail Down Your Niche Client Like a Pro!

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Do you often worry that if you're too niched, you're limiting yourself to who you can help?

If you say you help women with their thyroid, who do you think you will draw into your business?

We did the math for you, there are 3.8 BILLION women in the world. And we are fairly confident that most of them don't know where their thyroid is located on the body, let alone how it's affecting their health.

In today's episode of the 360 Health Biz Podcast, we are de-bunking the biggest niching myth: Will I not push away too many people by niching down?

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why your client doesn’t understand your niche
  • 3 steps to creating a kickass niche profile
  • Why talking to everyone means you’re talking to no one
  • What is keeping your client awake at night

By the end of this episode, you should be able to say what you do in one sentence: what you do and who you work with, and have no followup questions.


There are 3 steps you can take TODAY to nail down your niche client. You need to determine 3 categories that make up your ideal client: People, Problem, Desire.


Yes, age, location and gender can play a role in determining your niche, but it's not the be all end all. We recommend starting bit broad and narrow it down over time based on who you attract. But you have to start somewhere because person can't be people from zero to a hundred years old. So start with a stage of life and profession. This could be stay at home moms 30-35.


This needs to be a singular problem. And it should be a problem that actually stresses people out. They worry about it and it reduces their quality of life. People aren't lying awake at night wondering about their thyroid health or how their gut health is related to hormones. They're stressing about the fact that they have diarrhea so bad that they are worried that they're going to crap their pants in tomorrow's PTA meeting.

Think of the problem as a symptom, not the cause of those symptoms. People will only pay to get themselves out of pain and suffering, so it needs to be painful and it needs to be causing suffering.


The desire is basically the solution - what do the people actually want? Their desire has to be directly related to them getting rid of the problem. This is where you can tie in emotion and storytelling of your own. You have to appeal to people's emotions because people don't actually make decisions based on logic. Paint a picture of what life will be like when their problem is solved (and you'll be the one to help them solve it!)

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