Biz Bomb – The Secret to Growing Your Social Media

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We hear it all the time – “why is no one liking my social media posts?” “my only follower is my family!”

If you’re a new business owner, or maybe you JUST discovered your niche, we have a newsflash for you (and this isn’t fake news!)….it takes time to grow your social media following.

According to Social Media Marketing World’s annual industry report, 79% of the marketers they surveyed said it took ONE YEAR of showing up consistency on social media before they saw any results from it.

Say whaat!? One year! That’s one year of consistency showing up on social media Monday to Friday. Does this mean you’re living on your phone and not taking a vacation? No.

Consistency means you’re posting to your feed, going live on stories, posting a longer video on IGTV. Whatever it is you’re posting, there are two things to remember: be consistent and provide content your audience wants to hear. And don’t forget to batch your content creation, this is going to alleviate you from being on social media all the time.

You need to be patient with your growth. If you’ve been showing up on social media for 6 months and not seeing any traction, it’s because people are just beginning to get to know you. In order to get people to follow you, you need to know who you’re talking to and creating specific content for your ideal client. And you need that ideal client content out there in the world for one year.

Here’s what we usually see: new health coaches will hammer out the content and are super motivated to grow their audience, but when they don’t get the return they want after a couple posts, they lose steam and they ghost their entire platform. Just vanish. And that’s not what is going to help you or your audience.

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, even Pinterest, you have to be patient. As we’ve mentioned, you can’t build a business in 90 days – you can learn the foundations and fundamentals in 90 days but you can’t build your business to where you want it in this time.

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