Biz Bomb – How to Decide What Social Media Content to Create

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Do you cringe every time it comes time to post to social media? If your brain goes blank week after week when you sit down to put together your social media content, we have a great solution for you!

In this Biz Bomb, Kendra is giving you two tips to help you create your content and make your content planning easier and stress free!

We are discussing:

  • how to plan social media content on a monthly basis instead of weekly
  • why niching plays a part in how you create content
  • Kendra’s content planning secret
  • the rinse and repeat method to content creation


Our method on how to organize social media content is by batching. That means each month, we set time in our calendar and write ALL of our social media content for the month ahead. So September content is done in August.

If you’re already batching your content but still struggling on what to write, then you may not be niching your audience. Because when you know what your niche is – you know the content they are looking for, what their pain points are, and the solutions they need, then you should have tons of topics to discuss. If you’re struggling with niching still, check out our episode on Niching.

How to organize content creation

Our simple way to organize our monthly content is creating 4 columns in a Google or Word doc. The columns (from left to right) are the Date, the Platform, a link to the visual element (whether that’s a video, image, quote graphic, etc) and then the written caption.

The best social media content strategy

Stop reinventing the wheel! Just stop. NOW! Where is how we determine what content we post: go into your Instagram Insights (or the analytics section for whatever platform you’re using) and look at your posts over the past 3 months. From there, you want to specifically look at the engagement count.

Once you have your top 5-10 posts…re-write those posts. You can repurpose those posts by turning them into a video, creating a quote graphic or infographic, or a different photo. Those top posts are the topics that resonate with your audience which means they want to see more of those.

It’s totally okay to re-use your content in a different way!

What if you don’t have 3 months of content?

If you’re brand new to content, we have a top secret way of creating quality content that may surprise you.

Find another coach that is in your niche field who has a good following and good engagement. Go through their posts and find the ones that do well and…here’s the secret: re-write those posts! We aren’t telling you to copy them..definitely don’t do that. Use those posts as inspiration to create your own content in your own words that maybe copies the topic but not the caption word for word.

This is a great content creation technique if you’re new or just having a brain fart on what to write about.

And if you need more tips and tools on content creation and other aspects of your business, get our Ultimate Toolkit.

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