Biz Bomb – Use Listen Notes Tool to Pitch to More Niche Podcasts

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Are you hoping to reach more people and get more exposure by sharing your knowledge on podcasts? Or maybe you’re just looking to listen to more podcasts but have no idea which ones to start with.

In today’s 360 Health Biz Podcast Biz Bomb episode, we are sharing with you a juicy tool that will help you find podcasts to reach out to to pitch to.


Typically when people search for podcasts, they head straight to Apple Podcast which is great place to listen to podcasts (and leave reviews to help podcasts move up in the rankings…shameless plug, please leave us a review!). The pitfall of Apple Podcast, for the smaller podcasts is that only the larger and more popular podcasts show up. Therefore, it’s WAY more competitive.

Listen Notes on the other hand, is a podcast search engine that helps you find any podcast in your niche area..and then some. You basically just type in your keyword or phrase to find different podcasts that are in that are of expertise! You can search by the podcast itself or dive in deeper and search by episode.

If there’s a particular podcast you want to be on but they’re too big for you (for now), you can click on their profile in Listen Notes and see other podcasts that are similar to theirs.

This is a great way to start pitching to podcasts to be a guest on their shows! If you’re just starting out, look for smaller and/or newer podcasts who may not be getting as many guest requests as the larger shows.

After you’ve been a guest on a few smaller podcasts, you can later pitch to the bigger podcasts and show that you already have podcast experience. MIND BLOWN!

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