Biz Bomb – Why You Need to Hire Help NOW

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So you’ve got your list of tasks you want to outsource and your expectations and procedures on how to get’er done.

Now, you need to hire someone! Does that freak you out? As a new business owner, we understand that it’s hard to come to terms with the need to hire someone. But understand that you NEED to.

Would you start a brick and mortar business without an investment? Absolutely not. So why would you not invest in your online business?

In this Biz Bomb episode, you’ll learn:
- at what point you should outsource help (it’s sooner than you think)
- why you won’t be able to grow your business without hiring someone
- how to determine who to hire & for what

When to outsource

Most new businesses wait WAY too long to hire help. Ideally, you should hire someone, or outsource tasks at the 6-12 month mark. By this point, you know what you’re able to do and what you aren’t good at (or can’t stand doing). You also know how everything works so you can easily show someone how to do it for you.

Why you should hire help

When you are doing everything in your business – answering emails, posting on social media, creating newsletter, filing client paperwork – you have no time to actually focus on your business!

When your time and energy is put into the administrative tasks and the marketing tasks, where is there room for the business tasks? Doing everything leads you to burnout and poor quality work.

If it’s the money that freaks you out, think of it this way. The money you are paying contractors (which let us remind you, can be fairly inexpensive) is the money you will get back when you have the time to make money in your business.

If you can hire someone to do social media for 10 hours a month at $10, that’s $100 a month. If you are able to free up 10 hours a month, that’s time that you can spend with clients…and you’re definitely charging more than $10 a hour. You will actually MAKE money by hiring someone!

How to decide what to hire for

These days you can outsource for everything! From customer service to graphic design, social media management to graphic work and web design. You can even outsource ghost writers to create recipes for you. We use Upwork and Fiverr for all our outsourcing needs.

To figure out what you want to hire help for, make a list of everything you do in your business and time yourself doing them. That means when you start answering emails, start a timer and when you’re done with emails, end the timer. We use Toggl for this.

After you have your list of tasks and how long each take, put them into two categories: tasks only you can do and tasks that anyone can do. Then decide which of all of these tasks that you’re good at and tasks that you don’t like doing or aren’t good at. All those tasks that you don’t like should be outsourced!

There you have it! Seems pretty easy right? Remember that once you hire contractors and employees, they need clear direction. Be sure to listen to our episode about providing feedback to those that you hire.

Whether it’s a social media manager, virtual assistant or graphic designer, the longer you wait to hire someone, the longer it will take to create a consistent flow of money and the sooner you’ll reach your burnout peak.

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