Biz Bomb – You MUST Do This Before You Hire Anyone!

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Are you ready to hire someone to help you with your business, but maybe you aren’t sure who to hire, or what they should do? Whether it’s a web designer or a virtual assistant, there is one thing you HAVE to do before you even consider hiring help.

Let’s start by saying this, have you ever had a boss or a teacher tell you what needed to be done, but provided NO details? Pretty frustrating right!?

That is why it’s absolutely imperative that you provide clear and concise direction to anyone that is working for you. Regardless if it’s a one time job like web design or an ongoing role like virtual assistance or social media coordinator, you must be clear on what your expectations are on the tasks at hand. You also must be confident to give feedback if the completed task doesn’t meet your expectation.

How do you know what to expect when hiring someone?

When you start your business, you have your hands in EVERYTHING. That means you know what you’re looking for and how long it takes to complete it.

So when you’re hiring a VA, the best way to sort out your expectations is to think of all the tasks they will be doing and create procedures for each of these tasks. You can do this by creating a written manual, tutorial video or voice memos.

Provide feedback

Unless you’re hiring a medium, your contractors are not mind readers. That is why you need to be upfront and honest with your expectations. You should provide as much direction as possible so it’s super clear what you’re looking for. Likewise, your contractor should feel comfortable asking you for more details if they need it, but it’s REALLY important that you provide as much as possible to start.

Remember, providing direction and feedback doesn’t make you bossy or nagging. Contractors and employees like direction and like to know what you expect of them. If you aren’t providing these details from the get-go, you WILL feel like you’re nagging later on when the work doesn’t meet your expectations.

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