Biz Bomb – A Launch Strategy to get you Sales FAST

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Launching a course or a program can be stressful and overwhelming. Prehaps you’ve launched before to only get crickets or maybe you want to launch but you’re nervous.

In today’s Biz Bomb, Kendra is breaking down the launch strategy she has used for her last two launches that saw big success!

In this quickie episode, you’ll learn:
- how Kendra made $20k within the first hour of her program launch
- why everyone wants to be a VIP
- how bad launches can lower your confidence
- step by step guide to applying the ninja launch strategy

This strategy isn’t one we made up so we want to give credit to Amie Tollefsrud from Rebelle Nutrition.

The key to launching (and making sales quickly) is creating that sense of urgency. You want to make your people want your new course RIGHT NOW!

This launch strategy doesn’t necessary work for evergreen courses but it works great for a course that you launch one or two times a year or a brand new course. This strategy involves creating a waitlist before the launch, calling that waitlist a VIP list (because everyone wants to be a VIP) and then giving them a super juicy and amazing offer to get them to sign up. This could be a discount prior to the launch, freebies or bonus material, or do what Kendra did!

When you don’t get signups on your launches, it makes you lose steam and may lower your confidence…which is totally a normal reaction. It’s hard to continue the high energy you need for the rest of the launch when things don’t go the way you want.

And that’s why this strategy is a great way to change that. When Kendra applied this strategy to her last launch, she saw the most sales in the first few hours which makes you feel pretty damn good.

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