Biz Bomb – Upgrade Your Instagram with Tap Bio

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You’ve got your ‘gram following, you’re putting out beautiful, engaging content, but you’re finding it hard to have call to actions for your posts.

Sound familiar?

When you have less than 10k followers, you can’t swipe up in stories so you’re left with the one link in your bio. By now, you may have seen link resources like link.tree, but in today’s Biz Bomb episode we are going to talk about another app. This wonderful app that gives you basically a mini website that is clear and direct for your followers.

We are talking about and giving you the low down on the simplicity and beauty of this app. If you know Christine, you know she loves things that look elegant and beautiful and that’s exactly what this app achieves.

With, it’s one bio link but you an multiple landing pages, call to action buttons and can even have an image grid if you want something more visual. It integrates with YouTube which means someone could visit your channel and subscribe quickly through Instagram!

Whether you’re looking for minimal call to actions (thus making it easier for someone to click through to one thing) or a visual grid to offer a few different courses or programs, is a great option for the cost.

At the time of recording, was offering a 50% off promo but that looks to be over now (sorry!) However, at full price it’s still a decent price. For $5US/month you get 3 cards. If you want more than that, it’s $12US/month but you likely don’t need more than 3.

Want a visual walk through of the app? Head over to our IGTV to see Christine show you what her bio link looks like.

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