Biz Bomb – Use This Technique to Bring Focus to Your Day

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If you have a million tabs open on your computer, can’t concentrate on the work ahead, and are continually being distracted by shiny objects, then we have a tool for you that will improve your focus and give you clarity to the day.

In today’s Biz Bomb episode, we are talking about breath work! And guess what…breathing, is free!

Specifically, we are talking about the breath work course by Marcel Hof. You may recognize the last name – Marcel is Wim Hof’s brother, who is well known for his breath work technique.

Marcel’s technique called D.A.B. – Dopamine Activation Breathing, where you bring in more oxygen than you put out, meaning you are over oxygenating your blood and in between cycles you’re holding your breath. It’s a 5 day course that Kendra liked so much, after the 5 days she continued to practice the technique and now is up to 13 days.

While this technique can bring emotions and visualization, it can bring a lot of energy and focus to your day.

Tune into this episode to learn the benefits Kendra has seen from using this course and how long she can now hold her breath (it’s impressive to say the least!)

Interested in the Marcel Hof Dopamine Activation Breathing course? Check it out here (please note this is not a paid affiliation, we just really liked this course and wanted to share!)

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