Biz Bomb – Using Voice Memos to Batch Content

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Do you struggle with coming up with ideas to write captions or blog posts? Do you sit up in the middle of the night with an idea only to completely forget it the next morning?

We feel you. Coming up with these content pieces can be as painful as doing homework (or helping your kids do their homework right now). Or worst yet, when you have a great content idea but don’t have the time to sit down and write it out at the time the idea is sprung on you.

So how can you come up with great content without having to suffer through coming up with the concept (or without having to pay someone to do it)?

A great idea is to talk out what you want to write about through a voice memo app. This works great especially for those who get great ideas while driving or at the most inconvenient time when you’re away from the computer.

All you need to do is whip out your phone when you have your idea and get onto your voice memo app. Just talk out the idea you have on your mind and that way when it comes time to do your content batch day you’ll have all these great ideas at your finger tips!

By talking out your idea on a voice memo, you can just babble on without having to worry about thinking of catchy phrases or buzzwords. You don’t have to worry about grammar or even if your idea makes sense! Just talk it out. By saying it out loud that may even help you work out if it’s a good idea.

Then days or weeks later, you can re-listen to all your voice memos to put together your content calendar and write your content – whether it’s an Instagram caption, YouTube video script or blog post.

Hopefully by doing this, you’ll be able to easily put together your content, and have a better night’s sleep.

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