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We’ve talked about what branding means (check out Episode 67 with Tracy Raftl) but how can you evolve your branding yourself without having to hire a big, expensive agency?

Branding is all about your values, what you stand for, and your tone, how you portray yourself and what you’re talking about.

And your branding colours & fonts need to reflect your values. Let’s think of some examples: Christine’s business values & tone can be defined with two words Efficiency & Elegance. If these are the two words to describe her business, she isn’t going to use a typewriter font and bright yellow color.

Just like a construction business wouldn’t use cursive font, or a health coach for dad likely wouldn’t use glitter and pink.

So how can you figure out what fonts & colors suit your brand? We love to use Creative Market! On this site, you can type in your descriptive words in the search and it will generate fonts & colors that match those words. Once you find a font you like, there’s a space to type in your business name or tagline so you can see what it looks like in that font.

I hope this helps with your branding process! Be sure to listen to Episode 67 to get inspired even more!

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