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Right now, EVERYONE is at home and online. Which means this is a great time to get online and build your audience and video content is a great way to do that.

In today’s Biz Bomb episode we are going to blow your mind with some tips and tricks on how to up your video game and rock your online content.

The go-to live content is usually done through Facebook Live or Instagram Live which you can record using your smartphone. This is a super easy way to content with your audience – it doesn’t have to be perfect or put together (if you check out Kendra’s IG she is usually walking through the forest).

In this Biz Bomb, we are giving you everything you need to start putting out live and recorded videos, webinars and IGTV.

It’s easy (and affordable) to record videos for Instagram and Facebook from your smartphone, but if you’re looking for something a bit more polished or if you’re ready to host a webinar, there is one tool we use a lot and that is Zoom. Now, with the HUGE increase in online conversations lately, Zoom has been getting some privacy concerns but we’ve been using it for years without any issues.

Zoom is free if you are only have meeting with less than 3 people and for 40 minutes. So if you want to record a video for YouTube, Zoom is a great place to start. It can also be used to host meetings with clients. A way to avoid the privacy concerns with Zoom is by ensuring your meetings have a password that only you and your meeting participant know. If you want to use Zoom for a webinar, this is an add-on that costs a monthly fee plus the cost of the Zoom webinar add-on, but it’s still fairly reasonable. You can broadcast the video Live through Facebook or Instagram and record the video at the same time so that you can repurpose the video later.

If you want to record crisper and clearer videos, here is the equipment Kendra and Christine uses:

Camera: Logitech Live Stream Pro 922X (but anything over 900 is good) which is approximately $100-$150 CDN

Mic: Blue Yeti (Snowball or Mini)

We hope you found this quick tip helpful and we can’t wait to see you online!

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What's up, guys? Welcome to another episode of the 360 Help Biz podcast. This is your Biz Bomb series where either me or Christine give you a super juicy tip and it's so good, that your head explodes. Because we know that you guys don't have a lot of time and especially right now your kids, your husband, everyone might be at home, and there's a lot of distractions and that actually might be cutting into your time to build your business, so that's where these Biz Bomb episodes become incredibly important.

And in today's episode, I want to tell you quickly what you need to up your video game if you are currently using things like Facebook Live, YouTube videos, or some sort of video content to get out in front of your clients right now. And I highly recommend that you do this, because at the time of this recording, we are in the COVID-19 global crisis, and what that means is everyone's at home. Everyone's at home, and a lot of people have potentially more time than they usually do and, probably, they're pretty bored and feeling a little stir crazy, right? And there is no better time than right now to actually nurture and build your audience, because people are around, they are listening.

Nobody has the excuse of being busy right now for the most part, right? People have more time than they usually have, depending on their situation. I'm sure people with lots of kids do not have more time, but a lot of people are online and they're looking for content to consume, and wouldn't it be great if they could binge your content? So, if you are not using video in your business, get on it. Something like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube, get on video in some way, shape, or form, and this is what you're going to need so that your videos look great If you want to uplevel your game.

First off, I do want to tell you that if you want to start going live on Facebook or Instagram and you do start wanting using video in some way, you can just use your smartphone. It doesn't need to be fancy. It doesn't need to be perfect. And when I first started filming videos, I was only using my smartphone. I didn't have a mic, I didn't have a camera, I had nothing else at all. But, if you're someone who wants to invest a little bit and you want to have better video, maybe you want to have better audio, you want your videos to be a little bit more professional, this is what I recommend. Okay?

So, a really good way to record videos is Zoom, and the great news is that you can get a free Zoom account. Now, if you want to use that video for more than three people for longer than 40 minutes, you are going to need to upgrade and get the 14.99 account, but if you're just going to use it to record video and possibly just to meet with one other person, then you're good with the free account. And the cool thing about Zoom is you can share your screen, you can toggle back and forth, and you could record yourself, so you don't need any fancy video software. You can just literally record a video through zoom. Okay? So, get Zoom, if you don't already have Zoom. It's fantastic, especially if you are trying to get your business online, Zoom meetings, they're great. They're easy. Even the most tech illiterate people generally can figure them out and they have lots of fantastic features. Okay?

The second thing that I highly recommend is getting a decent camera. Okay? So, the good news is if you're using your smart phone, you probably already have a decent camera, and if that's all you've got, then that's good enough. But if you want to start running video or lives through your desktop, for example, which is really helpful if you're going to be dealing with a lot of comments, it's really hard to engage and keep track of comments when you are on your phone, right? When you're on your laptop or your desktop, it's much easier. You can have a whole comment box open, you can see all of them, it's easier to engage, it's easier to keep track of. So, that would be a time where you'd want to go live through just the YouTube Live feature or through the Facebook Live feature, for example.

And the camera that I actually recommend, it's called a Logitech. We'll put this in the show notes, but Logitech Livestream Pro, and I believe I have the 922X, but you want at least a 900. Some of the lower quality ones, you just don't get the good quality video. And the good news is these are not that expensive. I think they run you about 100 to $150, so they're pretty affordable and they're great. They're great for live streaming video, and this is actually what I use. This is what Christine uses as well.

Now, in terms of a mic set up, if you want to have better, more clear audio, really important for video that your audio is good. I recommend what's called a Blue Yeti. I actually have that right here. If you guys are on IGTV, I'm going to sort of put it into, you can kind of see it, into the video. But basically, the Blue Yeti, it's great. They have fantastic customer service. I had one that I had to warranty, and the company was really easy to deal with and they sent me a new one really quickly. So, I highly recommend their customer service and their mics are really good.

And again, they're also affordable. Now I have the Blue Yeti, which is the kind of skinny silver one, and I really like it. Now, that one probably runs you somewhere just over a hundred dollars. I don't think it's more than 150. But I also have a Yeti Blue Snowball, which is the circular one, and that one is even cheaper. I believe it runs you around maybe $80. And even cooler ,is Christine has this little Mini Yeti, which is great if you travel a lot ... Probably not right now, but in the future, right? And that one's really, really cheap and it's small, and it actually works really well. We used that while we were traveling to San Diego to record an episode, and the quality was fantastic. And that one, I'm not sure exactly how much it is, but it might only be 50 to 60 bucks. So, there are lots of options and these things are really all you need to start recording better video.

So, that is the Logitech Livestream Pro 922X camera. Yeti microphone, go with the Blue or go with the Snowball or even the Mini if you don't have much budget right now. And get a Zoom account, and probably you only need the free account and that is all you need to really start upping your video game.

Okay, so I hope you found this helpful. Remember that we do this Biz Bomb series every two weeks and in between we have a full episode. If you are listening on your smartphone right now, we would love it if you would take a screenshot, share it to your Instagram Stories, tag @360 Help Biz, podcast and let us know what you learned because that helps us know that you like this content. And we will have another full episode for you in one week from today with both me and Christine, and we will talk to you then.

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