Facebook LIVE Strategies to Grow Your Fan Base and Get More Clients

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Tools mentioned in this episode:

TOOL OF THE DAY: Practice Better (our recommended client management platform)

Ecamm (the platform we use to stream live into Facebook - best for single peeps - not for interviews)

BeLive (we recommend this platform if you plan to use interviews with Facebook Live - you cannot stream into FB groups)

Zoom (this is our most highly recommended platform but it does have a higher price tag. You will need the webinar add on to stream into Facebook live. It also has the added ability for online meetings and webinars. We love Zoom!)

Evernote (Great for making notes that sync with your smart phone!)

Google scholar alerts (Stay up to date with current health news)

Manychat (Build your first messenger bot!)

 Wavve (Make moving audio graphics for Instagram and/or your podcast)

Temi.com & rev.com for transcription services

 C922 pro stream by Logitech (Our favorite livestream camera)

Blue Yeti (the mic that we both use)


Kendra:            Hello everyone. Welcome to another awesome episode of the 360 Health Biz podcast. I'm your host Kendra Perry, and I'm joined by my super sexy co-host, Christine. And how are you doing today?

Christine:         I'm doing fantastic. How are you doing? You poor little thing. Tell everyone why, if they are watching, which you can do on youtube, on facebook or on our blog. What's going on with you?

Kendra:            I would say I have two things going on with me. One, it's 07:17 in the morning and it's so early, I'm not awake yet. But the other thing is I got a nasty case of poison ivy. So I'm going to try not to itch. My advice to you is to check the grass that you lie on or the bushes that you want to, before you lie on them.

Christine:         I have never even heard of Poison Ivy over here. I don't know if it's a thing in Europe.

Kendra:            Maybe it's not. I used to get it all the time as a kid, because it was everywhere. We were always in the forest. It hasn't even been on my radar, but I'm pretty sure that's what's going on right now. Anyways…

                   We're excited to bring this episode to you guys today. We're going to talk about facebook live, so that you guys can generate a larger social media following, create more fans and get more clients. I think facebook live is a very valuable tool and if you're not using it, you really need to start getting comfortable and working towards hopefully using it in the future. Before we get started, we decided that for every episode, we want to give you a tool, something that we found really helpful in growing our business.

                   We will be giving you a tool of the day and today's tools of the day is PRACTICE BETTER. This is a client management software that I use and it really changed things for me. I think you tried it too Christine, but it didn't quite work for being in Europe.

Christine          Yes, exactly. I tried to sign up for trial version and it doesn't work in Europe.

Kendra:            It's really great if you're in Canada or the US. It basically puts everything into one place. My clients can schedule and create accounts. I can upload my lab tests or any documents I want to send them, through shared documents. I can send them invoices, I can create payment plans, I can pretty much do everything. When I got it, it actually allowed me to cancel several other subscriptions I was paying for at the time, because it really encompasses everything in one. They are a really great company, because they do listen. I've messaged them and would ask why isn't this a function? The next day, they literally made it available for us to use or they would add it to their next updates. They do listen. So if you're in there and you feel like something's missing, definitely reach out to them!

Christine:         That is so cool! Let's create this amazing platform and once you have all the kinks worked out, you can open it to Europe!

Kendra:            Absolutely! The creator, Natalie Ligorworld, who is a health coach herself, created it because there was nothing out there that really worked for health coaches. I think a lot of the available platforms work better for people, who own spas, gyms or yoga studios, but not so much specifically to people, who are consulting and working with clients online. So, it's a great tool. I highly recommend it and I hope you guys check it out.

Christine:         So, Kendra, we are very confidently talking about facebook live,

Kendra:            as we were going live on facebook,

Christine:         yes! I'm checking for comments from time to time. So if you see my eyes darting that's just me looking at my phone, to see whether you send us a comment. Please do say hello, send us a wave and we'll mention you here. If you watch the replay, then still comment.

               We've been both using facebook live for quite a while, but we have some listeners, who don't use facebook that much and who are not too aware of facebook lives. Let's quickly go through it. What exactly is it, why should you use it for your business? Maybe, if you're camera shy, we can even think about how you can use it; but why it might a good idea to look into the camera and have people see you. So I leave you the floor first.

                     Sure. Facebook live is basically just streaming live video onto your facebook page. If you have a business, you hopefully have a fan page. You're educating people, delivering value via live video on facebook. Yes, that sounds really scary and when you first start doing it, it's definitely going to be awkward. It's not the most comfortable thing. If you go back on my business page about two years, you can find the first live videos I did, where I don't look comfortable. I had a whole script written out, I prepared for it. I was freaking out and then, today I can just hop on a live video, spew off something about some topic I want to talk about and create value that way.

                   I would say that you do need to be using it. Even if you're really uncomfortable being on camera. Just start to toy with it, to experiment with it and start to slowly get comfortable; because when it comes to growing your fan base on facebook, live videos get the most reach. It gets the most organic reach, which means non paid access to your ideal clients. Most types of posts don't get a lot of engagement or you need to pay for them to actually be able to have them be worthwhile. Video views get out there. Facebook wants to be known for live video and they've been competing with youtube. They are going to push that type of post more out into the feed than any other post. So I think that's, probably the number one reason why you need to care and why you need to be using it.

                   I also think it is a great way to build relationships. Trying to build trust and rapport through text and copy is good, but I think that video piece, where you are almost looking into someone's eyes, showing your personality, being your genuine authentic self, really does help. People want to get to know more about you and they could become potential clients. I also think it's a great way to position yourself as an expert in your niche or whatever that is, because you can get out there, you can show your knowledge base and if you do want to run video view ads you can. Getting that awareness and your stuff out there is really cheap. It's not as cheap as it used to be. I think it was one or two cents per video view. Today it's probably somewhere around five to seven cents and now you can actually optimize for ten second video view vs three second. So I think that would make it a little bit more expensive, but it's still really cheap and a really good way to get yourself out there in front of new people, cold audiences, people who haven't seen you before, so that they can start warming up to you.

Christine:         Yes, it's just different. People love video, they just stop and use feed. So that's definitely what you should do. Here are a couple of things that I would suggest for those of you, who freak out about recording a video. First of all, it doesn't need to be complicated. You can literally take your iphone and start going live from there. It doesn't need to be perfect at all. However, I would say that you need to look a little bit at who you wanted to talk to. If you are someone, who wants to sell high end, then you need to reflect it to some extent. I invested in a very cheap Amazon kit. I have a lightning kit and I always try to look somehow made up. Today I'm wearing pants, but it's been known that I haven't! What can be seen, should be tidied up.

                      One of the things that can be a bit sabotaging you and making you nervous about facebook live, is that you see how many people are actually watching you live. You see a little eye popping up and then another and another... 500. For me it's usually not that many. I have more people watching later; but when you see three people and suddenly it goes down to one, you immediately wonder, what did I say? What, where did I go wrong? Why am I so boring? Most of the time, it doesn't have anything to do with you. I tend to not look at that at all and I tend to not look at the comments. Try not to be distracted and just look at my camera lens. So, I just look at this little dot.

Kendra:            I really love that you mentioned that, because I think when you first do live video, now when you have a really small fan page following, there might be zero people watching the video. That's okay, because it doesn't matter what happens when you go live, it really matters what happens afterwards. Facebook continues to push that video into the newsfeed and then you can turn it into an ad. When I started out, I had literally zero people watching. It doesn't matter, just roll with it. Pretend you have a great audience in front of you.

Christine:         Exactly or just pretend you have one or none, if that makes you more comfortable. Even if it's a 'worst comes to worst' situation, you can get some really cool teleprompter apps for your ipad and it's like Kendra said, she started with a script. Do the same thing. Practice and you can record yourself. Then you can take the recording and you can just put it into google, because you have google voice that is basically doing a transcript for you or you can use a software like temi.com, where you can get cheap transcripts done and then you put it into your prompter app and you just read it. Make sure to try to do it naturally. So, if you're really insecure, why not start with that? You don't have to go pro right from the bat. Try to feel comfortable first. You can even set up a fake page, where you practice going live a couple of times before. It's totally up to you, but there is a difference between going live and just posting a video. We've seen that the algorithm prefers you're going live. It even is pushing a live video vs a video that you prerecorded and then upload to facebook.

                         So there is a lot to say about going live!

Kendra:            Yes and I liked what you said at the beginning. It doesn't need to be fancy. I've definitely seen some experts out there saying you need to invest $300 into the site. Well, I can't. I've used my phone right from the beginning. I had nothing. I had no lights. If you look at my old videos, you can barely see my face. I'm sitting in the dark.... but you know, what is interesting?! I did this video about year and a half ago on CBO and it's a terrible quality video. No lighting, from my phone, just horrible. But it has 10,000 views on youtube and it's my most engaged video! People comment and love it and I get clients coming to me from that video. It's a really crappy looking video, like completely ghetto, but it doesn't matter. It's about the content, it's about the value that you put forward. Get started on your iphone or your android and then eventually you can invest in some light and invest in a better camera. That can happen with time.

Christine:         Some people don't want to aim high and they just want to be a normal people person. The social media examiner has made a survey this year, and the videos that convert the best on facebook and probably on other platforms as well, are the ones that are taken vertically, not horizontally! We wouldn't have said it, but vertically is really okay. I just have a couple minutes, so I'm just going to do a quick video and it works really well for those people. So, if that's you, if you're someone, who just has an idea and wants to do this on the spot, then go ahead and do that. I also know people who plan for that. If you're someone, who's under pressure, 'Ooh, I don't want to do this every week'. I know that some people plan five topics and we're going to talk about which topics to use, and then they take different clothes. They go to different locations, but all in one day. They do their first video, they change their outfit, go to a different location in their house or neighborhood, do the second one and then just spend one day, but they have five weeks covered. So it's awesome.

Kendra:            Very cool. I think really in the end you just need to do it. There's no way to prepare for it or be more comfortable without just doing it over and over and over again. I never thought I'd be comfortable in live video. It made me really uncomfortable, really nervous. Now, I do it multiple times a week. It's totally fine. I think when you want to get started with facebook live, there are a lot of really easy topics to cover, that will help get you engagement and help bring people into your live video or your recording. One thing that I do and that works really well, is a weekly Q & A. I allow people to submit their questions and then I answer them on a live Q & A.

                     That is actually my most popular live video and I do it every week at the same time. People know they can send in their questions and that provides a lot of value to people. I get a lot of good feedback about it. If you don't have a big enough following, maybe people aren't going to be submitting you questions. Just listen to what your clients are saying. When you work with clients and you hear the questions they asked, write that on a post it or make a little note with evernote or similar and use that question as the topic of your next live video. What kinds of things you cover in your live videos Christine?

Christine:         Pretty much the same. Either a spur of the moment thing, but most of the time it is client related questions or when I have clients on the phone, who inquire to work with me, that's where I write things down. Something that I do as well, is I check what's on the news. Recently Elan Musk from Tesla was in the news quite a bit about his sleep issues. So that's something that I would pick up on, in order to get traction and in order to be picked up by other blogs and so forth. That might be something you can look into too.

                I also recommend that you sign up for Google scholar alerts. You will get new research sent to your inbox about whatever your topic is. I have sleep as my topic for Google scholar alert and I think it's every four days or so, I get the newest articles on sleep research into my inbox.

                        If I don't know what to say about a topic, I will just check what the newest research is and I will use that for example. Most of the time it's client questions and don't be afraid to use the same topic twice. I know that we are all scared about being repetitive, but actually it doesn't matter. You will always find a different spin on things, use that. So I think that's also a good tool to use.

Kendra:            Yeah, that was a juicy tip. I didn't even know about that. I'm super excited! I also love that about using something trending. Recently Hawaii band sunscreen, so I talked about that and then I think there was that debacle, where all these articles were saying that coconut oil causes heart disease and people freaked out about that. That sort of stuff you see trending in your newsfeed or what other people are talking about on social media, are great things to address. I love what you said too, about being repetitive and not worrying about it, because I repeat the same things over and over and over again. Keep in mind that you're following your fans, like they're not experts. Like they need to hear this stuff multiple times before it really sinks in. Also keep in mind that not the same people are always going to be watching your videos.

Christine:         Absolutely. The last thing I would recommend is don't necessarily hold back in your facebook live. If you do a specific topic, just say pretty much everything that you can educate. In the end we do this obviously to get people to follow us. Every other video, I will do a very clear call to action, which means I ask my audience to do something. We call that a call to action or CTA. Something that has to do with your business. It could be ‘check out my blog’. You would say ‘go to my website’. If you have an opt in, which means the free gift, that could be a checklist or a free video series, anything like that on your website that people give you their email and you will give them the gift in return. So it's not really a gift, but rather an exchange. Every other video I would do that. The foremost idea is to give. To really help them out and then every other time, why not ask for something back. Life is not just about giving, it's also about receiving. Don't be scared to do that. My call to action, you can usually go by the blog post or I ask them to go to my website and sometimes it's also just to get in touch with me and send me an email and I will give them my private email address. There are many different ways. Kendra, she is much more into this, than I am. I do this maybe every five times. Kendra does it more consistently, but it has actually to do with commenting. So maybe we can talk a little bit about that and how that can turn into magic.

Kendra:            Using commenting?

Christine:         Using the bots.

Kendra:            Oh yes, I love the bots.

                        We will actually have a full episode on chatbox coming up pretty soon. One of my favorite topics to talk about. Basically a bot, it sounds really creepy and weird, but it's pretty awesome. Think of it like an email list, but instead of using email, you're using facebook messenger. Christine, I think you use something different than me. I use MANY CHAT, because you can get a free account. What do you use, Christine?

Christine:         I use MONKEY BOT.

Kendra:            So there are a couple of different options out there, but basically you can connect one of these chatbots to a facebook post. It can be a live or some other posts, where you ask people to comment. A recent one that I did, I released a new free energy guide to help bring women more energy, help them get rid of fatigue and I've been trying to promote that. I did a facebook live on different ways to boost your energy. I had a chat box connected to it, where they had to comment with a certain word and then I send them that opt in or freebie through facebook messenger. They just had to comment 'guide' and when they comment 'guide' that triggers the chatbox and then through facebook messenger, they get an automated message, 'hi, here's the thing that you signed up for' and then they can access it that way.

                        I think that's a really powerful tool, mostly because with facebook messenger is on people's phones. For email most people are going to go on their computer, but typically with facebook messenger most people get a notification when they get a message. So you are right into their phone. Messenger bots actually have a significantly higher open range. About 80 % vs 20 % with email. You can reach more people, which is cool. You can have a little bot subscriber lists. Once a week, I usually send people stuff like, 'hey, this is what I'm up to, this is what I have going on'. If you're going to do many chat or the monkey bot, you have to keep in mind that it is a little bit more invasive. You really need to ask permission more often and you need to always let people know how they can unsubscribe, because people are still kind of confused by it. You don't want to be messaging them incisively. What I typically do, I say 'Hey, I have this going on... do you want to learn more?' And if they don't, they click 'No'.

Christine:         That's a good idea. Like 'I have a new blog post, do you want to check it out?’ And then they have the choice to say yes or no.

Kendra:            Yeah, not like, 'Hey, this is what I'm doing and just inundating them with this big message. That turns people off, freaks them out a bit. But it is a really good way, because if you get them on your list, you can eventually get them on your email list.

Christine:         Exactly and you can blast them. They called it a blast, so you can send them a promo once a month, once every three months, which is fine and totally okay if you don't do it too often and it's super effective. I would just use it sparingly, because it is a very private space. For all of that, you need to get the people in your system first and facebook lives with free gifts, where people just comment is amazing. It's just so easy.

                     So we had a couple more things that we wanted to talk about and that's how to position a product or a service. Let's say you don't want to be an old school infomercial: 'oh, here's the brand new car that you can use for...' We don't really want to do it like that. People are going to be turned off by that. There is a certain way of kindly presenting your product, which could be a course, a product, a cream, a supplement or your service, in a way that's just understandable and likable. Kendra, I believe you have a couple of ideas on that.

Kendra:            Yes, I think there's kind of a smooth way to do it. I think anytime you're trying to sell or position a product or service on a facebook live, you do need to start with bringing valuable content. That should be the purpose and that should be the bulk of the video. It should be that very engaging, valuable content that the viewer is going to be like, 'wow, this is awesome'. You want to come up with your topic, present that topic, tell them a little bit about it; but then you want to help them understand that they have that issue or this is actually a problem, because I think with health stuff, some people might not know that it is an issue.


We've used hormone imbalance a lot as an example, because sometimes women don't know they have a hormone imbalance. They know they have PMS, but they don't realize that's their hormone. So you may need to educate them. 'Hey, PMS is a hormone imbalance, and this is not normal. This is not something you should be going through every month. It tells us that something's wrong’. Then you want to deliver that really good content, which again, should be the bulk of that video. I also like to tell a story in there. Weave in a story of myself or maybe a client, who had this issue and then kind of show how either myself or that person was able to overcome it, and get that positive outcome. I think that helps people relate, because maybe they'll see themselves in that story or they'll say 'oh my gosh, you can help people. Maybe you can help me!'


Also, I've been using this a lot and I think it works really well for you. Which is how to lead into the pitch in a way that's not really in your face; but rather, 'hey, so now you know that you have hormone imbalance. You might be wondering how to actually fix it. I have this free three-part video series or this cheap course or whatever it is that can actually help you fix that.' Then of course obviously making it easy for people to sign up and get it. Having that link, making it streamlined. Maybe you connect your chat bot to the comments. I find that kind of dialogue works really well. 'I have this problem and I do want to fix it, so what do I do?' You can then say 'Hey, I have a solution!'

Christine:         Exactly. So that's how we do it. So for example, today we would say 'if you want to get more tools, like that set of practice tool and more ideas, then you can go to our website 360healthbizpodcast.com and you can download it for free!’

                        That would be an example of how we would do this.

Kendra:            Yeah and I think with your facebook lives, I'm always plugging in my freebie. I'm not in people's face about it, but for every live video I started with 'Hey, I'm Kendra Perry, this is what I do, this is who I help and if you want to learn more about me, hop to my website or I have this free lead magnet, whatever it is, this is where you can get it', and then I might mention it again at the end, but it's very noninvasive. I'm not a whole video. It doesn't surround around that. But I think you need to keep telling people that it's there.

Christine:         Yes. Don't be shy. You are helping people. There is information that they don't know about and you share it with them. That's it. Don't feel guilty about it. The other thing is, facebook lives are incredible for content creation and I would suggest that you go to our episode that we have with Jamie Palmer. It's on our website as well. Really go and have a look. She goes into detail as to how she uses one facebook live to create 20 pieces of content within an hour. I will to try to break it down very quickly and you can already implement that today.

                        It's basically what I do and I have seen an increase of people going to my website by 600% in the month of August. It's been massive since I've started implementing her strategy. What you do, is you do a facebook live like this and you can actually check out our website, because that's what we are doing. We do our facebook live then after that you uploaded to youtube, so it's already on two platforms. This video is then going to be embedded onto our website, so already on three, we're going to use the audio of this video to be transcribed by temi.com or you can also use rev.com; both are similar. Rev is a little bit more expensive, but it's still only a buck a minute, but a bit more accurate.

                        Then we have our assistant going through the transcript making sure that there aren't too many typos and that everything makes sense. That then is our blog post and our newsletter. Then we use another platform called missinglettr. Missinglettr is checking for new posts. It's taking the content out and it's taking snippets from that content and all we have to do is go through these snippets and pick nine that we like for example, and then we just tell missinglettr to schedule that out throughout the year. So two are going to be posted pretty quickly and then we have them scheduled to go out every three months more or less for a whole year. So it's just out there. All of these pieces of content are done and it doesn't even take an hour to be honest and you are everywhere.

                        We create a graphic that we put on the page, that you can use on pinterest or other social media and that's it. You have all of that done within half an hour. If you have an assistant it's even better, but you don't need to. It's actually not that much. But that's all you can do with just one piece. Something that Jamie also advised for instagram, which I adore, is wavve. They basically do sound cards. You have soundbites on a card so that you can post it to instagram and people can listen to a snippet. Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic! So there's so much you can do. You can use the video for instagram or a piece of it for instagram and then tell people if they want to know more, they can click here. On linkedin you have 10 minute video limits, so there's lots you can do with this and it all stems from this one piece of content.

Kendra:            That's a great episode and I feel that episode was helpful to both of us and hopefully helpful to everyone else. You shouldn't be reinventing the wheel. When you have an online business these days, you have to be on so many different platforms and it can be overwhelming. But if you're smart about it and you use this sort of content creation strategy and really utilize these live videos, I mean that's your content! I do two live videos a week. That is a ton of content that I can turn into so many pieces of content. I never have a shortage of content to push out there.

Christine:         Exactly. Now the last thing that we might want to talk about is, I think we're going to do a complete separate show on facebook ads, where we're going to tie in facebook lives; but if you are someone who has been doing video via your phone, maybe via your app or webcam and you want to step up, then this is just at hoc, we didn't plan for this. Let's look a little bit of the tools that you might use. Personally, I always suggest to get a high end or a good webcam that goes up to HD. I have a logitech. I think it's a C9 something...

Kendra:            I think I have the same one. It's the C922 pro stream by Logitech. I don't think it was that expensive. It was under 150$ and it looks good. Look how good we look right now!!

Christine:         Yes, we do! Especially if you want to do podcasts. 70 - 80% of the podcasts nowadays are also video. They are doing the same thing we do. They put it on their youtube channel as well, so you want to look good. It just makes it so much more professional. When I see an interview or during the summit or anything and it looks amateurish, I immediately connect it to less money, which might be me just judging, but other people would judge and be as shallow just as I am. So I think it's really, really good to invest into a proper Webcam and into a tripod to hold it. The other thing that is key is your sound. A lot of podcasts actually ask you to have decent mics. I have the Blue Yeti that I use all the time.

Kendra:            I have that too! We're twinsies!

Christine:         See there you go! Then the last step, something that I really started using only a month ago, but I love it, are these lights. I have two soft light boxes here.

Kendra:            Do you have the big box lights?

Christine:         Yes.

Kendra:            That's what I have too!!

Christine:         I literally just went to Amazon and I looked for a lightning set. It makes you look good and I'm going to reveal the truth here. Kendra and I will do this via zoom and zoom has a filter that makes it look good so it just smoothens you out.

Kendra:            You go to video settings and then you just enable 'touch up my appearance'. It just smooths out your skin tone. I love this, because I use zoom with clients and sometimes I look really haggard, but then I get on zoom and I'm like 'I look good'. This is awesome.

Christine:         You look like a model out of the 20's. So yeah, we're giving you the truth here. We actually look like we are a 100 years old.

Kendra:            Totally! You wouldn't even recognize us in person.

Christine:         But yeah, go with what you got. It does make a difference. I get slightly annoyed, when I see videos with super low sound quality. I think it's fine if you do it on your personal channel or in a group amongst friends, like I'm in a mastermind group, where it really doesn't matter. However, if you want to do it on your professional page, try to do it as professional as you can. Impressions count. You never know who's stopping by. It might be someone who's looking to have you as a guest on TV. So if they see you 'ou..., she already looks good in her amateur studio, what is she going to look like on a TV platform?' Oprah might be stepping by and say, 'Ooh, looking good. I want her on my platform.' But I think it’s step two and three, after you started to do this. It's a good investment.

Kendra:            Don't be afraid to be yourself. Be professional, but whatever that means for you. Don't try to be someone you're not. I tried to be really professional in the beginning, but I swear. I'm kind of crass, I am really blunt. That's me and definitely since I started doing that, it attracts more of the right people to me. I have people tell me 'oh my God, you have a potty mouth. What a dirty mouth. I would never follow you' and I'm like 'good riddance'. I don't care. This is who I am. If you are my client, I'm probably going to drop an f bomb in our meetings, so you better be okay with that. So it's good to put it forward, but be professional and be yourself.

                        It's okay to make mistakes and stumbled over words. Facebook live is not about perfection. It's just about delivering content, being yourself and showing a bit of your personality. I think that can be really powerful. There was actually one more thing I wanted to mention. This is something I see people doing all the time and it drives me crazy. It's seeing people go live on their personal page for business. I think it's because people obviously have a bigger following on their personal page, so they get way more engagement. They get way more people showing up, but it's a waste of your time, because you can't do anything with that. You can't create an audience out of that. You can't create an add out of that. You can't track those people and I know it's also against facebook guidelines. It's against their terms of service. You cannot use your personal page for business. They can shut you down, but I haven't seen that happen before, but it's a possibility. Yes, you are going to get more engagement on your personal page, because you probably have a thousand friends vs like…

Christine:         Oh, it's great for your ego but not for your business!

Kendra:            Yes, exactly!. Just don't do it! Accept the fact that maybe for six months to a year of you doing live videos, you may only have like zero to five people showing up. Even now with me, sometimes I do videos and I only have four or five people online.

Christine:         It also depends on the time of day, the weather and it literally depends on what people are in the mood for. Don't take it personally.

Kendra:            Absolutely. So yeah, don't feed your ego by going on your personal page.

Christine:         No, absolutely. Feel free to share the video from your business page to your personal page. Feel free to do that, but don't go live on your personal page for your business.

Kendra:            That's actually really good advice. If you're just sharing it to your personal page and people engage with it that way, you can track those people. You can turn those people into an audience. But you can't do that if you're just doing live on your personal page.

Christine:         What else? Oh yes! A couple of more things. So you can obviously go live from your facebook page itself, but you can also use third party tools. So things that Kendra and I are using is a software called ECAMM. I use it when I go live on my facebook page on my own; but it's not ideal for interviews. So when it's just the two of us, we use ZOOM. It is a little bit more costly, but we have the filter and then you also have a platform called BE LIVE. You have different ways of doing it.

                        Another little tidbit is that you can use your phone to have guests on your facebook live. So the trick though is that when you go live and let's say I wanted to go live with Kendra, I would start going live and once she looks at the video I would see view and I would see that she's looking and then I have the option to tap on her name and to add her to the video.

                        Now here's a little interesting piece of information. If you're holding your phone vertically, then there's just going to be a tiny window popping up on the right hand corner with Kendra space, but if you hold it horizontally you will be side by side and I think you can even add more than one person. Sometimes when you don't want to invest into zoom but you want to do interviews, just tell people that they have to be on a mobile phone too. That is a little hack you can do before you might want to splash out on zoom, that is a little bit costlier.

Kendra:            Yeah. Zoom definitely is pricey, but that's a really good tip. I've done that a few times with people and it works well.

Christine:         Alright. I think that's all we have time for today. Don't forget to stop by our website and if you want to support us, we are members of the patron pages, so you can become a patron of the show. We would really appreciate it if you liked this episode. If you learn something new, if you want to give us a round of applause and just a little tip for our cupcake money, then step by. There is a big red button on the bottom where you can support us. We would really enjoy it and we would be really, really happy. We will be back in two weeks’ time on our facebook page and we're going to post an interview with...

Kendra:            Chelsea Gross. We were talking about disordered eating. Chelsea is a friend of mine. I met her at a conference a few years back and she's turned her issues with food and disordered eating into a really thriving business. It's a really good episode and I think it's a really good niche to focus your business on. We'll be putting that out in a couple of weeks. Make sure to leave us a review on itunes. If you liked the podcast, give us a five star review. Let us know what you like, what you don't like, but hopefully just what you like. We would love that, because that helps us get out to more people. More people are going to see us, we'll be able to help more people and help more health coaches grow their business, if people are giving us good reviews on itunes. So we really appreciate that.

Christine:         Absolutely. Get in touch. We have an email. If you also have maybe a tool that you want us to review and maybe present to our audience then get in touch with us as well. We're open to that too and don't forget that we have our tool kit with all the tools that we've been using up until now with suggestions and links on our website for free.

Kendra:            Yes and it honestly will help you save so much time, if you are using the proper platforms. It can take so much time to research this stuff and figure out what to use. We pretty much reviewed everything, put everything into the toolkit with every single online subscription platform that we're using to make our lives easier, so that we can spend more time actually growing our business and doing the things that we want to be doing, rather than just being stuck in the trenches.

Christine:         Go ahead and check that out and we will see you in two weeks. bye!

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