Biz Bomb – How to Easily Set up a Website

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Welcome to your Biz Bomb episode of the 360 Health Biz podcast where we provide a quick tip to blow your mind and help your business. And today’s Biz Bomb is about ​setting up your website!

​Even the thought of starting your website can be SUPER scary - where do you even start and do you need a degree in Computer Science and Graphic Design to create it yourself? You don't! In fact you can do all of yourself with these quick guidelines.

For started you have to choose which platform you want to use - there's Wix, Squarepace to name a few but our favourite is WordPress because they have really easy templates where it's simply photo here, form there, text here and BAM, you've got your website. It also allows you to add different plugins to suit your needs - like payment functions, surveys, video, etc.

You'll also have to pick your domain name through a hosting service like GoDaddy, HostGator or SiteGround. Once you've got these two things, it just a matter of putting the two together and Christine has a great tip in today's episode if you're having trouble with this.

If you're listening to this on the podcast and you found this helpful, just screenshot this episode, share it to your stories, mention @360healthbizpodcast, and we will share it to our stories. Just let us know in that story, what were your biggest take-homes and did this work.

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Hello everyone and welcome to the 360 Health Biz podcast, Biz Bomb. And today I want to talk to you about very quickly how I set up my websites. So my first business was then it turned into I also have the domain, the Holistic Sleep Institute, Women's Divine Sleep Summit was one of mine. I set up quite a few website in my time and here's what I learned, no matter uno, try to get everything at one service, meaning your domain and also your hosting. How does this whole thing actually work? So you have different systems. Do you have something like Squarespace or Wix where you get to domain and then you get your hosting, add that, and then you have your template for your website as well.

This is basically their platform and their builder, meaning that you use their tools to then afterwards, create your website and build it together. Photo here, form there, text here. Now, the other thing that you can do is that you go with WordPress and WordPress is basically a program where you can then use a builder and it just, it has its pros and cons. I like it because it gives you a lot more flexibility of what you're going to integrate in your website because you have something that's called a plugin that's constantly developed. There are tons and tons and tons of plugins and they all have different functions. Whereas with Squarespace and with Wix, you will need to use whatever they provide. A more limited option. If you want to go with WordPress, and it's also better for SEO I found apparently, but what you do is you get your domain at one of those hosting services and there are different ones.

There's GoDaddy, this HostGator, and the one that I use over and over again is SiteGround. I love SiteGround. It is not [inaudible 00:01:54] here, but I just found them very, very reliable. They have a great chat, they have a great support system. I really enjoy them. So what you do is you get to domain there. Then you get to your hosting there, so you buy a hosting package and then when you go into your back office, which they call a C panel, you add WordPress. Now very quickly, and are two different services. is basically a blogging platform. You are going to install WordPress, which is this platform to build things in to basically manage your website and it's but your hosting service has that all set up for you. Now what you can do if you're totally new into this, that's what I do.

I open a chat, a live chat with them and then just tell them, help I want this domain, I see it's available, I've just bought it. How do I get hosting and how can I get WordPress back site and usually they will then set it up for you so you don't have to do anything. Literally, they will guide you through it. And most of the time if you help them and you tell them, I have no clue what to do, they would set it up for you up to the moment where you can just go to your website and log into the background and then start building.

And the builder that I use this Thrive Themes. There are many different ones out there, but that's the one that I'd like to use. I hope that this has given you a little bit of insight how this all works and what you need to do. I would recommend get your domain and your hosting at the same provider. I like SiteGround and ask them to set it up for you. That's what I would do. I hope this has been helpful and a little bit of clarification and I see you again next week.

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