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We've got a quick tip Biz Bomb for you today that is going to change your productivity in 2020!

You know that say work smarter, not harder? The truth to that statement revolves around how you set up your day to be productive. In today’s Biz Bomb, Kendra shares with you her juicy tip on how she manages her work day to be uber productive with no burn out at the end of the day.

Do you ever work a full day, only to end the day asking yourself what you actually got accomplished? We experienced the same thing UNTIL we made the bold decision to remove reactive tasks in our mornings.

What are reactive tasks you ask? Well the biggest one, and the one we talk about today, is emails. Often times, emails are putting out fires – something’s not working on your website, your client can’t access your calendar, another client is upset about this or that. We just end up getting into this very reactive state, which ultimately kills our creativity and our productivity.
So how can you get around this? Kendra suggests limited checking (and responding) to emails after 12pm. This allows you the whole morning to get the important stuff out of the way, like showing up on social media, creating content, working on your email nurture sequence, or actually just working with clients.

If you have a team you work with, let them know that you only check your emails (and any other communication tools you use) after 12pm. To be even MORE productive, try to give yourself only an hour to check emails. So between 12-1pm (or whatever time you choose) you check emails, put out the fires, and then get back to running your business. And usually we check our emails one more time before end of day so nothing is left overnight in case it’s actually urgent.

We challenge you to try this out and let us know if this works for you​!

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What's up, guys? Welcome to another Biz Bomb episode of the 360 Health Biz Podcast. This is our quick tip series that basically gives you a super-juicy tip. Your head explodes because you're so fucking excited.

I am Kendra Perry; I am your host. Today I'm going to give you a super-juicy, super-quick productivity tip. This is something I just recently started doing. I honestly don't know how I didn't think or figure out to do this before, because it's been a total game changer.

But what I hear a lot of health coaches tell me is that they don't have enough time; they always get caught up in the admin, the side tasks that yes, are important to a business, but don't necessarily grow your business or keep you on track for what you actually want to accomplish, which might be showing up on social media, or creating content, or working on your email nurture sequence, or actually just working with clients, or maybe just taking a fucking break. Right?

What I recommend; this has helped me a lot; is to get rid of all your reactive tasks in the morning. Okay? I've heard this from a lot of coaches that the first thing they do, before they maybe even have breakfast or a cup of coffee, is they are getting onto their email and answering emails.

Now what you have to remember is that answering emails is a very reactive task. Oftentimes what we do when we start answering emails is we just have to put out the fires, right? Because this didn't work, and this person's having a problem with this, and this is glitching, and this person's upset about this, and this person wants this.

We just end up getting into this very reactive state, which ultimately kills our creativity and our productivity. Then at the end of the day makes us feel like, "Well, I just worked all fucking day long. I'm exhausted, but I didn't actually accomplish anything that I actually wanted to accomplish." Okay?

Emails are very reactive. Ultimately, when we get on email, we're going to be putting out fires. For a lot of us; this is going to depend on the person; but for a lot of us, mornings can be very productive times for us. Me personally, this is when I'm most productive. By about 2:00 p.m., I'm kind of done. Okay?

So I really need to make the most of my time in the morning. What I've started doing is I don't actually jump onto my email until noon. I don't actually jump onto my team chat, which is Slack. I use chat for Slack for team communication or Trello, which is our project organization board. I don't actually look at those until noon. Okay?

I've told my team this. I have let them know that I don't actually look at anything until noon. And that's fine, because I'm not in the business of emergency. Personally, I don't think anything is emergency, and everything can always wait; even when people maybe think things are an emergency.

Honestly, unless you are in anaphylactic shock and your throat is closing up, it's not an emergency. If you are in anaphylactic shock, you should go to the hospital, because that's not my problem, right? I don't deal with emergencies, and neither do you. Right?

So between noon and one I go on my email and I go on my Slack channel and I check Trello. That is when I get into those reactive tasks. Because ultimately as business owners, as CEOs of our business, we are going to have to put out fires, right? We are going to have to deal with that stuff.

Whether you have a team or whether you don't, ultimately we are going to have to get into fire-putting-out mode. But I don't want us to start our day with that because it's very reactive. It probably triggers our fight-or-flight to some degree, and it basically starts off our day in this really stressful mode.

Then sometimes you just can't get that shit out of your head for the rest of the day. It totally interferes with your ability to actually create, be creative and actually finish the tasks that ultimately move your business forward. Okay?

I challenge you to try this out and let me know. Come to our Instagram account at 360 Health Biz Podcast. Leave us a comment, send us a DM. Comment on this video because I am on IGTV right now. If you want to hang out with me in video, you can head to IGTV. But if you're just listening on the podcast, that's cool too.

But let me know if this helps, because this has been a really big game changer for me. Because as soon as I'm on email, I'm off on a tangent. Sometimes I'm like, "Oh, I'll just quickly check my email," and like an hour later I'm just finally finishing all the stuff that I needed to do.

I also find that when I wait until noon to go into that reactive state, I'm a little bit in a better head set for it because I feel good because I'm like, "Well, I've already completed X and X tasks. I feel good. I've gotten a head start on that."

Now I am consciously opening my email or realizing that there's going to be some stuff in there that I don't like, that I don't want to deal with. There's going to be some fires to put out. There's going to be some stuff I'm going to have to go on the runaround for. That is okay. I put aside time for that, then I check once more at the end of the day.

But I challenge you to just not go on your fucking email first thing in the morning, especially not before breakfast, before morning routine, before coffee. You know, like I said, this puts you into a reactive state.

So try this out. Let me know how it goes. Send us a DM on Instagram. Tell us if this helps. Or if you're listening on the podcast right now, take a screenshot, share it to your Instagram stories, mention us at 360 Health Biz Podcast and let us know, did this help? Because we would love to know. Because personally, this has been a really big game changer for me.

All right, I hope this helps, guys. Remember, I'm Kendra Perry. Next week we will have a full episode for you on the 360 Health Biz Podcast. We will talk to you then!

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