What is InShot App & Why You Need it for IGTV

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Welcome to the 360 Health Biz podcast's Biz Bomb where we give you a super quick actionable tip for your business. 

Today Christine shares one of her favorite apps - InShot. This is a free video editing app where you can trim or split your videos, and add music and filters. But Christine's favorite reason for using InShot is that you can convert your video to horizontal so you can post it in your Instragram stories and IGTV!

Tune in to learn more about the InShot app and how to utilize it for your content workflow!

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Hello and welcome. So today for the 360 Biz Bomb, I have a little app for you that I use and that I adore and it is called InShot. InShot, in one word, and is especially for those of you Instagrammers out there. As you know, we have a wonderful content workflow that you can find on our very first episode that we have a guest on, which is Jamie Palmer. So she would talk about more about that there.
So this fits in really nicely because I do video and I want you to re-purpose that video, but I don't necessarily always want to work with two cameras on my phone and the regular camera. So what I do is I take the regular video that is horizontal, which obviously doesn't really work that well for Instagram stories. but what I do is I use it and I use InShot at the same time.
So with InShot, you basically can change the canvas and so the canvas where I plop it in, is iPhone screen style and then you can even change that background. But what it means, it is pretty, it looks good, it has a video in horizontal embedded in it, and so you can look and have that half professional and the day when you shoot out all that content, which is for me every week, where everything goes out to my blog, to YouTube to Anchor, a podcast or Spotify and so forth, to quotes, to Instagram, whatever. I'm on, every platform, literally. Then it also goes out, you have to do it manually, obviously, but it also goes out on IGTV and you can just teach a little bit more. You can talk a little bit more about everything and it just because I have it edited, you get more bang for your buck that way, and the app is free.
So sometimes, once you have the logo in there, but here's the trick. If you click on the logo, it will ask you to remove once and you just say, "Sure," and you do that every time and that's it.
So I hope this was helpful to you and we'll talk again next episode. Bye.

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