We are Launching the 360 Mastermind!

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Okay we can’t contain our excitement! We are launching the 360 Mastermind - a life-long commitment to yourself and a year-long commitment to our method.

What is a mastermind you ask? It’s a small groups of people who have similar goals and who come together in regular intervals to brainstorm and evolve together. Running a business by yourself can be lonely, isolating and scary as sh*t. So instead of being on your own and trying to figure it out on your own, you don't need to rely on just your one brain. In a mastermind, you have a group of brains that all have their own experience, that have all invested in different educational pieces, who have had different experiences. There's so many ways that a mastermind program can catapult your business. Professionally it helps you grow, but then the emotional piece is huge which impacts both your professional and personal development.

Kendra and Christine met through FDN but quickly became business besties. They started with running a webinar series and then moved onto the 360 Health Biz Podcast. These biz besties talk on Voxer, vent to each other, reach out for support, run ideas by each other, be each other's biggest cheerleading squad and now together, they want to be YOUR biz bestie, YOUR cheerleader and YOUR business coach.

The 360 Mastermind includes three pieces of continuous education: private coaching, hot seats, and two retreats. It’s a 12-month business coaching and personal development program that will help you power-up, move past your internal B.S, get accountable, master online business strategy and DO the work you’re afraid to do so you can access the life you have always dreamed of.

Join before November 15th and we cover the cost of the 1st retreat! If you pay in full, we cover the cost of BOTH retreats! The program officially starts January 19, 2020. Interested in learning more about the 360 Mastermind? Check out the details here

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Kendra Perry: Hey, hey everyone. Welcome to another amazing, as always, episode of the 360 Health Biz Podcast. I am one of the cool hosts, Kendra Perry, but the even cooler host [inaudible 00:00:00:15], and it is Christine. She is my Biz bestie. She is my biz rock and my biz family. It's just the two of us today. We are going to be talking about a topic that we're very passionate about, and that we want to really share with you, and something that ... This is something you guys actually might be missing in your business life.
We really want to help you see how much this thing can really help take things to the next level for you. Not only professionally, but emotionally, okay? This can actually prevent you from self-imploding and having a nervous breakdown.

Christine: Yeah, I agree.

Kendra Perry: So we're going to be talking about three community biz besties and basically masterminds. Because we know as entrepreneurs, it's lonely, right? It's isolating. Usually, we are trying to build our empires from our home offices, or coffee shops all by ourselves and our friends and family don't understand what the fuck we're doing, and usually they don't support us, right? Do you agree, Chris?

Christine: Yeah, I totally agree. I mean, Kendra and I we ... I think everyone who's been listening for a while and knows that we have this super close relationship, and we are business rocks to each other because there are times when you need to vent, or when you don't see your blind spots. And so, having a community is just so, so, so important.
And so, we want to talk a little bit about masterminding and what it is, why that community is so important. So let me walk you quickly back to what a mastermind actually is. And it sounds like this evil kind of thing. Like this I'm going to take over the world kind of thing. It is a little bad. But basically, it's been going back for eons of time. You can think about King Arthur and his round table.
You had these, basically, these communities, these small groups of people who had similar goals and who were always in a position of influence, or who wanted to have same goal, who would come together in regular intervals to brainstorm. So to basically see how they could evolve together. And it's basically, instead of being on your own, trying to figure it out all on your own, you don't need to rely on just your one little brain. You have a group of brains that all have their own experience, that have all invested in different educational pieces, who have had different experiences.
So we bring it down together to entrepreneurship who've been working with different clients, who've maybe already built this six-figure or seven-figure business, who have had their own coaches. All of our experiences are different. And so basically, you get the benefit of all of these different brains helping you to basically evolve and to become a better entrepreneur yourself.
So you also had people like Henry Ford and American presidents, and all kinds of people who've had this concept forever. And I think if you're one of the people who've mentioned it a lot is Napoleon Hill, who is Think and Grow Rich. So you should have read his book if you haven't yet. That is basically what we're doing.
So personally, I've been in a few masterminds in my career. Some have been led very, very well. Some may be not so much for me. But I have to say whatever the experience was with the coach, and I'm going to go back to that later because it's such a huge question of trust. What has always been life changing for me was the connection I made with the other members, always.
So the first time I joined a mastermind was in my first year in business that is back in 2015. I still I'm in regular touch with the people who were in that group because we bonded so much. Here's the thing, you need that connection. You cannot do it alone. And sometimes you stay in the abyss of hopelessness because you had a bad month, or because you had a comment hearing again by your family most of the time. And it's just when you need that support network, and that's what a mastermind is providing you with.
And then on top of that, you have blind spots. So very often you cannot see them. It's impossible. But you have a group of other people who are shining their light on you with so much love and experience, and they will see it, and they will tell you, why don't you do this? It seems so obvious. I've just been in Tuscany a couple of weeks ago for four days of masterminding with a group of women. And not to say that it only has to be women. It can be men and women, or mixed, or whatever.
One of the first things we did was we really opened up. We really went deep, and we talked about the good and the bad and the ugly. And it immediately created this bond. I wasn't ready to quite share until the very last day, but that was when I had my breakthrough because I felt stuck with my company. I hadn't realized that I had this block of developing further.
And as it is, now I have my team. I have a licensing format for my company. It's going to grow. But I wasn't ready and I would never have done it if I hadn't had the support of that little group. And so, that's how masterminds can be. They can be online, and they can also be in person. They can be focusing on certain topics, and they can also be focusing on you. And here's the amazing thing. Sometimes they do all three.
So sometimes they have topics of continuous education each month, and they might have something that's called Hot Seats, which basically means the light is on you. You bring your question to the table and everyone will help. And then sometimes they also combine in person meetings. And here's the drum roll moment because Kendra and I, we are hosting a one year 360 mastermind in 2020, and it has all three things.
So you have continuous education. You have hot seats where it's just about you. You have one-on-one coaching by the both of us. So we have very different brains as you know, but we have both geniuses now elements. So you have both brains. And we also have two in person retreats where you actually get to meet the tribe in person. And I can tell you there's nothing like in person meetings.
Kendra and I we've only met after knowing each other for like a year for the first time, and yet I think it still brought everything to a different level. We'll just see each other for the second time in a couple of days and I can't wait. It's just different sharing some food together, and having that chat and looking into each other's eye and just be like, "Oh, it's just different."

Kendra Perry: Yeah, you can really vibe off the energy of a group when you're at those in person events. Personally, I think you can build a business all by yourself without a community, without a group of likeminded entrepreneurs with similar passions, similar goals. But I think it's going to be really hard, and I honestly think it'll take you longer.
I really credit the fast growth of my business to finding a group of people to actually bounce ideas off of. When I first started out, I mean, I'm from a small town. I don't know anyone with an online business. My friends who I've had for years still don't really get what I do. They have no idea. My parents were not supportive. My partner at the time was relatively supportive, but I couldn't talk to him about it because he was a mechanic. And he was like, "What are you talking about? You can't talk to me about this. This makes me feel crazy."
So I felt like I was spinning. That was really difficult because yeah, like you said, you have blind spots. Or sometimes you're trying to decide between three things and you can't. You're so indecisive. You're like, "I don't know. Is this better? Is this better? Is this better?" And yes, we have to test everything. But sometimes it just helps to be able to talk about that with someone else.
My first experience meeting that type of people was going to a live event. I flew down to LA for a conference after I joined the transformation, or the Institute of Transformation Nutrition. I met a few women there at this event, who I'm still in touch with. They are still health coaches running their online business. We still keep in touch.
One girl I became very close with and we literally just faced with message all day, and that was so helpful because I'm just like, "What about this? And what about this?" Because it's such new territory. And it is very isolating because you're usually not getting the support of your outside community because they don't get what you're doing, and they want you to be safe. And starting your own business is not the same option, right? And obviously, there's a lot of weird conditioning and beliefs around small business, right?
So it's not their fault. They just want you to be safe. So I have that experience and that was really awesome. And then I eventually joined a membership that used to be run by Lindsay [Patea 00:09:37] and Emily [Patch 00:00:09:36]. It was called The Funnel Playground. So it wasn't a mastermind, but it was like a membership group where we all were building our funnels, and we had the hot seat coaching, which was very cool, and the support. That's where I met our current business coach, Jamie Palmer. I actually met her in that group.

Christine: I love her.

Kendra Perry: That's where I first came into contact with Jamie Jensen, who has helped us both with our stories. She's actually been on this podcast. Actually, both Jamies have been on this podcast. So it's very cool because you connect with people who not only can help you. You can hire them, but they come into your world and then you have them on your podcast. We have both been on Jamie's podcast, right?
There's just so many ways that this can catapult your business. So professionally, it helps you grow, but then the emotional piece is huge. Like me and Christine, we actually met through functional diagnostic nutrition. It's a funny story. I shared it on an Instagram story before. But basically, I was working for FDN. I was running their graduate membership. The owner was really set on having this lecture club where it taught people how to do public speaking. I hate public speaking, which is funny because I'm actually doing public speaking this weekend.

Christine: You'll be fine.

Kendra Perry: I'm like, "I get that you want to do this, but I don't want to be the one to charge this one because I'm not an expert on this." So I was like, "I'm going to hire an interim. I'm going to bring someone in who can help me run this." And so I put out the application and a bunch of people applied. But I was the most impressed with Christine's application because you had all this public speaking experience. Your resume, I was like, "Well, this chick's for real." And [inaudible 00:11:21].

Christine: I need to pull that resume out again.

Kendra Perry: And so, I ended up hiring her. So we ended up running this webinar series together. I don't know. Maybe it was 10 webinars or something like that. We just hung out. Christine did a lot of the teaching. I was there to support, ask questions, and run the questions. We just fell in love.

Christine: Yes, we did.

Kendra Perry: Yeah, it was so fun. We just started clicking. And then maybe like six months after we met, after I had soccer working for FDN and we both ended that webinar series, I wanted to start a podcast and I wanted it to be a business podcast. I love talking about business. I love helping coaches build their business, which I learned that when I worked for FDN because I was seeing all these people struggle with their business. I was seeing all the nutritionist just being so talented and having so much knowledge, and having the ability to help so many people in this world, but not actually being able to get their message out there.
So I really wanted to start a business podcast and I was like, "I don't want to do it alone." And I was like, "Christine would be the perfect cohost." So I asked. I asked you and I think you were just like, "Fuck yes."

Christine: I'm just a spontaneous kind of person. I'm just like, "Sure, it's easy. Just set it up here, here, here." I think that's also how we complement each other because I don't think that much. I just do things really quickly. And Kendra is more of a, "Okay, I'm planning this. And I'm going to do this and this." We complement each other really well because we have different paces. She slows me down when I need to slow down, and I pick it up when we need to be calm. And it's always working really well. But it was just like, "Yeah, sure, let's do it." And then that was it.

Kendra Perry: And it happened, yeah. I don't know what episode we're on, but we probably have almost 50 episodes. We've been doing this for about just over a year. We have so much on. This is definitely my favorite thing in the business is doing these podcast episodes because we have so much fun, right?

Christine: Yeah, very true. Very true.

Kendra Perry: On top of that, we are podcast cohost. We are our business partners, but we are also business besties. We talk on Voxer. We vent to each other. We reach out for support. We've run ideas by each other. We're each other's biggest cheerleading squad. We need that. I don't actually know what I do without you, Christine.

Christine: I know, likewise. You need it. I can never go to my mom and tell her something. She would just not get it. Or she will think you're complaining hence everything is a failure, which it's not. Yeah, I think it's an episode for mental sanity and just resilience. It's just you need to also genuinely have someone who truly believes in you.
There's a difference between people who try, and those people who actually do. You can just feel it. You really need someone who I think also knows and who has walked the talk, who has been in those shoes, who's had had maybe tough times at times as well to know that you can absolutely do this, and to trust in you, and who sees things in you that you don't necessarily always see.
So that is what is helping you to move on and to not get stuck. Sometimes you need to see yourself through other people's eyes in order to actually remember how great you are.

Kendra Perry: Yeah, and I agree. And I'm sure our listeners have had this experience with health, for example. A lot of us are health coaches because we are own personal health struggle. We can be very talented health coaches who have the ability to help our clients. But when we're trying to fix our own health, that can be very difficult because you're too close to the situation, and you're emotionally involved in it. And it goes through for your business too, right?
It's hard to take a step back and look at everything through logical eyes because the truth is we're all emotional beings, and we're being driven by our emotions. Our emotions are driving our decision making, which in business is okay sometimes, but sometimes you need to move out the emotional piece, and that's where your wolf pack, your community, your business bestie really comes into play because they can be the logical ones who step back and be like, "Oh, that actually doesn't make sense." Or deciding between those two things that actually isn't what matters. Both are good, you just need to do it, right?

Christine: Exactly. And I think one thing is the prep of our podcast was always that we connected, especially through FDN. We connected with people who are beautiful people, super smart people, and have this huge mission, and who literally really want to help so many people and you can do it, but who are not necessarily as into business as we are.
I mean, not everyone works the same way that we do. Both Kendra and I are total geeks. And that's, I think, one thing that connects us. We love our tech. We love the online aspect, and we chose it. But for others it's just ... But well, Kendra is in a remote town so it was a necessary ... Not a necessary evil. It's just a welcome choice, I guess.
For me, I'm in this teeny tiny country with a language that nobody speaks. So for me, it was sudden from the beginning that I need to conquer the world. But both of us we enjoy it. We've always enjoyed it. But we really, our mission with our podcast has always been to help those who might not necessarily have the inherent passion for this, and who just need some help and need a sounding board, I would back in.
But podcasting is obviously just a one-way street. We put our content out there, and we hope we make it as easy and as enjoyable as possible. But obviously, connecting and getting feedback and being actually able to help people is another story, which is how this was basically born where we said, "Okay, let's take it to the next level."
And I think the other thing is always, Kendra and I have both been working with coaches on and off. I think what makes us different, or not necessarily different. It's just that I think we're both people who've experienced to having people be very willing to take our money. But ultimately, not necessarily really caring about the outcome. And why? You obviously always have to do the work. I think both of us are people who really, really care. I don't know anyone, really, who is as invested in our private clients as Kendra is. You wouldn't think it, but this one is quite emotional sometimes. And I love her so much for it.

Kendra Perry: I'm very emotional sometimes. It's difficult because I think you're a health coach so you got into this to help people, and you did your nutrition training. Maybe you're an FDN, maybe did IIN. There's so many different ones out there these days. But you actually need just as much education, if not significantly more education, in online marketing and sales than you do as you have in nutrition.
That is really overwhelming. And it's not your nutrition school's fault that they didn't set you up for business because business and marketing is changing. It shifts constantly. You need to be up with the trends, right? You may not be that into that, and that's okay if you're not as obsessed with it. [crosstalk 00:18:47].

Christine: Totally. Totally.

Kendra Perry: Because if your nutritionists will try to teach you online business, by the time they updated the curriculum, everything would have changed again. Right? Things are always shifting. There's new platforms. The social media algorithm they're changing. People are changing, right? Ultimately, online marketing is a game of psychology because it's all about the people and how they respond. And the world is changing. It's always changing. Technology is changing people, right?

Christine: Plus I think people are changing. You are changing. The time when you graduate to the time a year later you will be completely different. Both of us redesigned and we've done our niches, and if you know our stories you know that we both completely shifted businesses over the years. And I think now it's been pretty consistent because we've done all the work, meaning not just the marketing work. We also do obviously stay up to date with whatever's happening in the digital world.
But I think one thing that we also do very much so is the personal development piece. And I think that's something, which, unfortunately, is very often put on the back burner. And both of us are a huge believer that it's actually the first step that you need to do, even though it seems so unsexy, and you cannot see the conversion necessarily in metrics immediately. But I do honestly believe that if that is skipped over, it's doing you a huge disfavor. I mean, both of us are very, very candid about that.

Kendra Perry: Yeah, I agree. I mean, I think online business is almost like 8% mindset, right? Pretty much all the reasons why you're not succeeding or taking action, are blocks, right? Imposter syndrome, fear of putting yourself out there, fear of action, analysis paralysis. These are things that are not unique to you. We're all going through these, right? And we have to push through these. Your money shift. You've downloaded a whole bunch of bullshit about money from your parents, from your grandparents, from your community, and that's actually preventing you from attracting abundance, right?
And so, with a 360 mastermind, it is a business coaching program. But it's also a personal development program because we have to work through these things. I work with new coaches. Most of my clients are pretty brand new. What we end up talking about on our coaching calls is a lot less of the techie, social media, business sales shift. We're talking about the mindset. They're like, "I'm so scared of this. Nobody signed my contract. They hate me."
I'm like, "No, that's actually not about you. That's because you need to remind them because people are distracted. That's not because they hate you." Stuff like that because we make everything about ourselves. We have fear. Maybe we were bullied in high school. So we're getting triggered when a troll comes on our social media and says something nasty to us, right?
Online business will trigger you. And if you don't do the personal work, your business won't grow because it can only really grow as far as you are willing to grow. And so, we want to discuss a lot of those things as we go through this. I mean, this is where I think me and Christine's greater mission is. I've been feeling it pretty deep in my soul lately that we have a bigger message to share because the truth is when you build your dream business, you are building self, right? You're investing in yourself, and you are becoming a better person because I don't think you can build a successful business that you love without doing that personal work as well, right?

Christine: Sure.

Kendra Perry: [inaudible 00:22:20].

Christine: It's daunting because you're out there. It's all of you. I do find, though, suddenly you have terms inspiring floating towards you. It's not even because they're trying to, it's just because you're finally shining as the beautiful person that you are. And we believe that you are because otherwise you wouldn't be listening to us. That's very simple. I truly believe you attract the people who jive best with you.
My best example is my team. I've just went to Bali and I trained six amazing women for my team. Super smart. The best heart I've ever seen. I was a little bit intimidated at first, to be honest. But in the end, they are exactly ... Not exactly like me. Obviously, we're all different. But I truly believe that once you shine as who you are and you actually like who you are, the same kind of people will be drawn to you.
So if you're listening to us, then I just think that you are very similar maybe at a different level. So you actually know that there's much more to this than at first sight. This gives me the tingles through it.

Kendra Perry: I know. We're going to cry over here.

Christine: I know. So let's talk a little bit about logistics in terms of what we do, and what this whole thing looks like. So the reason why we're this, even if you're listening to this on a later date. It doesn't matter. You just have an idea of who we are, what our mastermind is. And just to say, there's something that needs to resonate. I've been in masterminds that have worked really well, that haven't worked very well. I've also been invited to some where I had to decline because it just wasn't the right time, or it just didn't feel quite right.
And so, I really believe that you have to join. If that gut feeling is like, "Yeah, yeah, this is it," then I think you have to listen to that for sure. So when we talk a little bit about logistics, let me pull up very quickly here an idea of what we're going to do. As I said before, we have these three pieces of continuous education, of private coaching, and of hot seats, and of the two retreats.
So things that we have in our curriculum, which is completely ... How should I say? Editable in terms of that we will listen to our community and to our tribe is the main thing is as we just said, is mindset. You have to face those little gremlins in your head and we're going to lovingly be there with love, beating the shit out of [inaudible 00:24:52] and letting you know when you are thinking things that are not actually your voices. And we're very good at that.
Other things that we're going to do is we're literally going to look at your website, give you feedback, and help you with your branding in terms of giving you ideas of helping you to understand who you actually are, what you want to look like, all of those things. Kendra and I have both heavily invested in working with the best in the industry on those topics.
So we've learned our fair share by watching them and by just being mentored by them in a way. Finances and pricing is something. If a coach is not offering you to become financially literate, you should run, seriously. I think it's an absolute basic task. You have to know your numbers, how much you're actually spending, how much you need to make, including taxes that go off. So we're going to walk you through that.
I'm not a financial mastermind or guru. And I think that was one of the things that actually helped me back for a long time thinking that I was not good with money. So doing this has been life changing for me. And so, we're going to help you do this too. Funnels, so the more practical things. What are you going to do if someone lands on your website? Sales. How do you sell? Which is a lot easier once you actually know who you are and what you like.
Softwares and tools and employees. Both Kendra and I have teams. So we're going to teach her everything we've learned. Copywriting. We've both worked with amazing copywriters and you just learn and pick up quite a few tricks, and scale to some extent. Online and offline marketing. Again, both of us, I do a lot of workshops. I do a lot of public speaking. I'm doing my first TEDx talk in December. So it's all very exciting. I'm going to teach you all about that.
How to do content creations. Again, both Kendra and I have invested in learning a system, which we'll help you to understand. Community building, which is Kendra's absolute strength. Video marketing, PR, which is my forte. So both of us have these incredible niches that we both shine at, and we help each other with this constantly too. So if I have a question about Instagram stories I will ask Kendra, or I will check out her stuff and just copy it. The workshop, for example, we design together, because that's more my experience. So you'll basically get both our brains.
And then the other thing is obviously the two retreats. So we're going to go to Denver at the beautiful resort in nature, because that's where my little Kendra thrives.

Kendra Perry: I was like, "I will not go anywhere but the mountains."

Christine: I know. It's hilarious. So we're going to go there. You basically have, depending on when you sign up, but everything's included in terms of accommodation, food, airport transfers, all of that jazz. You don't have to think about anything. We have a wonderful event planner who's helping us do all that. So it's all really exciting. So we're going to do one in the spring and one in the fall. So you'll get to meet us, and hang out with us, and bond with us. We're going to cry, and have fun, and make lots of money, which I'm very excited about.

Kendra Perry: And it's so much fun to meet in person. You really just vibe off everyone's energy. You'll feel just so inspired and transformed by the end of those. I'm really looking forward to those [inaudible 00:28:16] actually be super beautiful. And you know I'm going to drive you guys on a hike. So that's just going to happen. So prepare.

Christine: Yeah. I need to get shoes appropriate to that. I don't think my Louis Vuittons will cut in.

Kendra Perry: Well, you need some running shoes. I mean, it's such a cool program because you basically get our eyes on your business for an entire year. And we're there to help you plan and strategize, and give you the tools, share our experience, and basically just hold your hand through the entire process. And a year is a really good amount of time.
There's going to be just so much transformation that takes place. Because I really do think it takes about a year to really get what you need in place so that you can start really being successful in business, and build that profitable business, the one that gives you freedom, whatever that looks like for you. Whether you want to be traveling the world like Christine, or whether you want to be like hermiting out in a time [inaudible 00:29:09] where there's no employment opportunity, right?
Most people I know in the small town make modest incomes. There's not a lot of jobs. A lot of people come to where I live and have to leave. This was my way of being able to stay here, but also to be rich and be able to afford the lifestyle that I want. If you guys follow me on Insta stories, I just built and moved into my dream house. I could not have done that without my business, right? You guys should check it out on my stories. It's fucking nice.
Yeah. We're going to work through the mindset. We're going to help you attract abundance because there are things that you do on a regular basis, things that you tell yourself, things that you say to your online community that actually block new clients from coming into your world. You might be doing things that are actually repelling people from coming into your world.
If you're not attracting consistent clients and bringing in consistent income to not only pay your bills, but have the extras for the lifestyle that you want, it's not because you're not good at this. It's not because the internet hates you. It's not because the Instagram is against you, right? It's just because what you're doing is hard. This is not an easy thing. And trying to do it on your own, like I said, I think you can do it, but I think it will take you twice as long. I think some mental health will suffer as you go through, and you may give up.
I've seen a lot of coaches just give up because they're just like, "I can't do this. No one will pay the cost of my services. It's not sustainable." And I'm just like, "Well, it is. It's just that, you know what I mean? You're not doing the right things and you maybe don't fully believe in yourself." Right?

Christine: And look at what Kendra and I are doing. I mean, Kendra is selling head tissue mineral analysis and business coaching for health coaches and I'm selling fucking sleep. We charge whatever we want to in a way. We really walk the talk. We really know what we talk about and we care. I cannot say that enough. I think both of us are really carrying people with very cool humor as well.
I really think when we find someone who we think is a great fit, then we'll take you under our wing and it's going to be a lot of fun and very, very efficient. So if you want to know more about that, let's see. Where do we send them? So there again, that's me not being [crosstalk 00:31:34].

Kendra Perry: We can send them to ... We'll put it in the show notes, guys. But the link is just 360healthbizpodcast.com/mastermind. To make it simple, you can get all the details there. We have two tiers for our mastermind. We have a bronze and a platinum. So platinum is for people who just really want to Excel. You get a bunch of switch. We'll cover your travel cost to the retreats. You get extra coaching with me and Christine.
I'm going to help you master in your YouTube channel, become an authority on YouTube. Christine's going to help you with your signature talk. You'll get moral support from us, and that sort of thing. We do have two options depending on your needs. Just something I wanted to quickly address because we do talk to health coaches and all our examples are going to be in health and wellness.
Really, what we teach can apply to anyone who sells online coaching services. I know we've had a couple people interested, a girl I know who's a climate change coach, for example, and someone who I think does mindset. And they were wondering, well, is this just for health coaches? Our experience is in the health and wellness industry, but really what we teach is true for all online business as long as you're selling coaching services.

Christine: And I think what sets us maybe-

Kendra Perry: [inaudible 00:32:55] you sell a product, but it would be specific to. If you just have a product, this is probably not for you. But you don't do consulting, online coaching, you want to sell high ticket coaching programs, and eventually group programs, then this is for you regardless of [crosstalk 00:33:09].

Christine: Exactly. Especially when you're selling something where you tell yourself, or where the people are, where they don't necessarily see financial revenue immediately. It's not necessarily for someone who's going to afterwards say, "If you do this, you will have six-figure business." That's not necessarily it. But for things that are a little bit more intangible like mindset or health where we know it is the most important thing in your life.
The people just tend to be a little bit more weird about spending money on it because we do this every day. That's Kendra's online business. So we know how to sell that in a way that it's an integrity with you. You don't have to lie obviously do anything like that. So it's just different. And whether it is exactly like ... I don't even know what else could there be. Mode, or EMF, all of these things, self love, how to just sell these more intangible things that we don't know are absolutely essential and crucial for living a happy life. So that's where our forte is, I reckon. That's how I would describe it.

Kendra Perry: Totally. Yeah, and we're both super excited about it, and that's going to kick off January. So there is lots of time to sign up and get more information, if you guys are interested. We do have a deadline just for some bonuses. So if you guys are interested, definitely connect with us. In the show notes we'll basically give you every way to connect with us, whether you want to connect with us through email, through Facebook Messenger, or you can also hop on a call with either me or Christine and we'll just hash it out with you. We just want to help you make the right choice for you. Okay?

Christine: Exactly. Having said that, though, we are officially launching this at the FDN conference, which is going to be the 4th of November is our day. So you will listen to this later. So we have these extra bonuses that are going to be available until the 15th of November.
So listen to this and if you are like, "Okay, I really want to do this," just don't wait too long because they will be gone. It sucks when you listen to this later. It's just the way it is. We'll be kicking off in January. So still get in touch with us even if it's later. But that's just a couple of bonuses that will be gone by then.

Kendra Perry: Yeah, totally. Yeah. I think before the 15th if you sign up, we'll cover the cost of your retreats first, and the second one as well depending on what tier you sign up for. But that'll be on the 15th. So we're doing a super, super early bird, which is going to be super sweet. So if you hear this, let us know. But even if it is after that date, still connect with us because you can split it in. But we are capping it. We are taking a little bit in an amount of people. I think our cap is maybe like 20 or so. I don't know.

Christine: That's the absolute max, yeah. Absolute max.

Kendra Perry: Absolutely max. Yeah, so if you're hearing this on the podcast and you weren't with us at the conference, get in touch right away because we actually don't know how many people are going to sign up from the conference. And it could just be that it-

Christine: Almost sold out.

Kendra Perry: ... almost sold out then and there's only a few spots left when you're hearing this.

Christine: Yeah. All right. And I think that's pretty much it. So get in touch. Thank you again so much for listening to us. We really appreciate it so much. We appreciate every interaction we get on Instagram, we get on iTunes. We really do. This is not just us saying, "Oh, that's cute." But it's truly making our hearts every time we see this. So thank you.

Kendra Perry: Thanks everyone. We will see you in one week from today with the next episode. If you like this episode and you learned something from it, you can take a screenshot of it, share it to your Instagram stories, mention @360healthbizpodcast, and just let us know your take home. Let us know what you learned and we will share your story to ours. And for bonus points, leave us a five star review on iTunes.
We do currently have a contest going on, which is still going to be going on at the time that this episode drops. And you can win the 10 books that helped me and Christine build our six-figure businesses plus a business audit. So basically we'll audit your social media and website and send you a report that basically says, "Don't do this. This is good. This is bad." With love [inaudible 00:37:14]. All right, guys, thank you so much for tuning in, and we will see you next time.

Christine: Bye.

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