Biz Bomb – Using Loom to Train Your Staff

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Here is our newest Biz Bomb - a quick and easy tip that will blow your mind!

Today's episode is about Loom, a free and easy tool to help when you're on boarding new staff. Loom is an extension of Google Chrome for your desktop where you can record whatever you're doing on your desktop with audio. So it's great for when you need to teach someone how to do something - like the client on boarding process.

After you've installed the Loom extension, you can launch Loom by clicking on the icon and you start recording. When you finish your recording, it automatically creates a link that you can copy/past and email to whoever you need to. You can also see when the person you send the video to watches it. You can record a full desktop screen or just a particular window. You can also include a little bubble with your face it in our just your screen! The opportunities are endless!

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Hello and welcome to this biz bomb and so today I want to talk to you about now tool that I love to use with my assistant and it's called Loom. So L double O, M. And it's an extension for Google Chrome, so you will use it on your desktop. And what it does, it's basically recording your computer screen, so it allows you to have either just your application window or your complete desktop to be recorded.

It allows it to have your little face in a little round circle or just have a picture there. So it's pretty versatile, but what I love most about it is basically you just go into Google, you launch Loom in your little extension icon and you start recording and then when you finish it automatically takes the link, it clips it into your clipboard, and then you can just email that to whoever you need to.

Or you can log into the zoom page because it's an online software and then you can get your link from that, and just email it. You can also edit the videos, but I think it is really, really helpful because I use it with my assistant to give instructions. For example, if I want her to put something that's in photos, sometimes it's just easier to show her. And when we started working together, when I told her my client onboarding process, I would basically just show her what I wanted her to do.

And I still do that to this day. Whenever I have something that I want her to repeat, which could also be how to create a blog post, how to edit a video, how to create a graphic in Canva. All of those things you just basically show and they repeat it, and voila, it's done. And you can even repurpose it if you onboard someone else to the team later on.

So L double O, M. It's what it's at Google Chrome extensions to share and not to share, but to record your screen. Super easy to use and it's a lifesaver. So I hope that has been helpful. We will talk to you soon on the podcast. Bye bye for now.

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