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Welcome to your latest Biz Bomb episode of the 360 Health Biz Podcast, where we drop a super quick and juicy tip on you that will make your head explodes from the excitement.

Today's episode is all around our favourite social media tool - Instragram! Instagram is the BIGGEST and BEST way to grow your social following (and business) of all the social media platforms. But with Instagram's algorithm, how can you be sure you're seen on your followers' feed and actually engage with them?

There are plenty of ways to engage on Instagram but there is one way in particular that works wonders AND creates that authentic human connection. What is it you ask?

As soon as someone follows you on Instagram, you want to engage with them right away. They are following you for a reason and WANT to learn more about you! And the best way to do this is to reach out to them directly.

Let’s back track though. Reaching out to ALL your new followers can take a lot of time…and let’s be honest, do you really need to reach out to Aunt Sally after she gives you a courtesy follow? The answer is no. What you want to do, is for each of those new follows, check out their profile and see if they fall into your niche market. If they do, then send them a DM (direct message) and personalize it even further by leaving a voice message rather than a standard copy/paste text message. Be sure to ask them a question so they have a reason to respond back.

If they respond, then that tells Instagram that they are interested in what you have to say and will put you high up in the algorithm to make sure they are seeing your content every time you post.

Does it seem weird to send a voice message in an Instagram DM? It might at first but a lot of people are surprised and grateful for them. It means you have a real voice on the other end of the screen. That the pictures you’re posting have a voice. It makes you authentic, and builds that human connection that everyone is dying to have on social media.

This is a great strategy for new followers and can be used to re-engage old followers that you haven’t seen posting on your feed. Scroll through your followers list and see if anyone jumps out that falls into your niche market. If they do, shoot them a DM with your angelic voice on the other end. You’ll likely be pretty stoked on the responses you’ll get.

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Hey guys, how's it going? Welcome to your Biz Mom episode of the 360 Health Biz podcast. So this is the episode that we put out every other week that gives you a super quick, super juicy, mind blowing tip where basically it's like a biz mom. We drop it on your body, your head explodes because you are pretty freaking excited, okay? So today guys, I'm going to be giving you my top growth hack for Instagram.

Kendra: I love Instagram. Personally, I think in terms of social media for business, it is the social media platform with the biggest opportunity for growth. As of right now, if you guys are using Facebook, you kind of have to pay to play. You have to be running ads, you have to be very strategic, but the reason why I love Instagram is because you can still grow organically on it, and there are so many different ways that you can engage within the Instagram platform. Okay? But the truth is if you want to grow your following on Instagram, you can't just throw things out there and hope that it's going to stick. Okay? You have to be very intentional about what you're actually doing on Instagram, and like most other social media platforms, you actually have to build real human relationships on social media, okay? Marketing has really come full circle because remember back in the day, if you wanted to market yourself or market your business, a lot of that was actually going out in person and meeting people and shaking hands and having conversation and having these real meaningful human relationships. Really, marketing in 2019 has kind of come full circle, and now that's exactly what it is these days. You actually have to build those real human relationships, okay?

Kendra: So how do you do that on social media? How do you do that on a platform like Instagram? Well, there's a number of different ways you can do this, but one thing that I have found works super well is what I am about to tell you. Okay, so listen up. With Instagram, the most important thing is that once somebody is following you is that you actually show up in their feed, okay? Because you could have someone follow you, and then they might never see anything from you again depending on the Instagram algorithm. What you want to do is to get them engaging with you right off the bat. For all my new followers, for anyone who follows me where I feel like it's a really targeted person. My niche, my market is health coaches who are looking to bring their businesses online and looking to grow. They're online business, right? So if a health coach follows me, the first thing that I'll do is I'll go to their profile, I'll take a look, and I'll actually go into the DMS and I'll send them a voicemail.

Kendra: I'll just say something like, "Hey, this is Kendra. I just wanted to thank you for following me. Really, really appreciate that you took the time to do this. Just so you know, I'm creating some free content in regards to online business, and I would love to know what is your biggest struggle with building your business, because I will create some free content around that." It's really awesome because if they actually re-engage with you, so maybe they send you back a voicemail, or even if they text back to you, that actually tells Instagram that they like your stuff, so you are going to be way more likely to actually show up in their feed and they're going to be way more likely to see your stuff, which is the point, right? Especially if they actually answer your voicemail with another voice message. That is really engaging content. That is a very engaged person, and that automatically tells Instagram that, "Okay, this person likes this person's content, so let's show it to her more." They're going to see more of your stories and they're going to see more of what you are actually posting to your feed.

Kendra: On top of that, a voice message is very personal, right? People are usually really, really surprised, and they're usually really grateful. Sometimes they're like, "Oh my God, I can't believe you're messaging me. This is awesome," and sometimes they will be really excited to talk to you. I think not only does it help with help you win in terms of the Instagram algorithm, but it actually helps you build that genuine real human connection. A lot of the people who I've reached out with, we have actually had ongoing talks. Some of them I've made partnerships with, some of them have eventually bought my services, some of them will continually engage with my other content on Instagram, so it's a really, really valuable strategy. I think it works on a lot of different levels in terms of it helps you build that relationship, but it also shows Instagram that that person actually wants to engage with what you're putting out there.

Kendra: This is also a really good strategy to maybe re-engage some followers who are no longer engaging. If you feel like you have not much engagement on your Instagram account, maybe you don't get many likes, you don't get a lot of people commenting, maybe people aren't really responding to your stories, i encourage you to go into your follower list and start to reach out to the people who you feel like they are your ideal person. If you're a health coach and you work with female teachers, then you know you can usually tell if that type of person is following you. You can go and look through your follower list, find the people who you think are the most ideal people who maybe fit into that niche of whatever it is that you do, and reach out to them, send them a message and just say, "Hey, I just wanted to reintroduce myself to you. I know you followed me a long time ago. I'm looking to create some free content. What is your biggest struggle with weight loss? What is your biggest struggle with managing your autoimmune thyroid condition?"

Kendra: Whatever it is, go out and get personal with them and send them that voicemail. It can be a really, really great tool, and personally I think it has been one of the biggest tools that has helped me grow my Instagram account in the past six months. Okay, so do it. Let me know. Guys, if you like this episode, make sure to subscribe to our podcast, and if you like Instagram like me, you can screenshot this episode and let us know your take-homes on this episode and you can mention 360 Health Biz podcast, and we will share your story to our story. All right? If you want to see me talk about this video or about this podcast, we actually do these Biz Moms on IGTV, and it drops at the same time that it goes out on the podcast, so make sure to follow us @the360hHealthBizPodcast and check out her ICTV and engage with us. Leave us a comment and let us know what you learned. Let us know that you like this so that we know you want to get more content just like this from us.

Kendra: All right guys, I hope you found that biz bomb mind blowing, and I will see you again in one week with the next episode.

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