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Jaime is a digital business strategist and implementation coach with almost 15 years of experience working with entrepreneurs to build their digital business ecosystem, to grow, scale and simplify their online business.

She started her business back in college as a website design business and then with the emergence of social media, she added that into her offering because she use to do a lot of networking in person and she used social media to stay connected with the people she met. She quickly realized the importance of the social media and added that as a service. With the development of social media, she soon started to work solely with online entrepreneurs (5-6 years ago) and she believes it’s all about building a digital ecosystem and not focusing only on one platform, but building a system for distributing one valuable piece of content on multiple platforms. This is what her company does as a “Done for you” service for clients and they also teach people how to do that.

One of the reasons Jaime believes in building an ecosystem instead of focusing only on one platform is because things change. For example, there is a huge decline in client’s conversion rates on Facebook while Instagram is trending. Also people’s behavior changes when it comes to social media- most people don’t spend as much time on Facebook as they use to. An average person has around 750 friends on Facebook, meaning that they have around 1,500 stories to read every time they log in and an average user logs in 7 times a day, which means 10,500 status updates per day. So things are changing and brands will have to develop more valuable content to be able to come in front of their clients and adapt to current trends.

Whether you are making millions of dollars online or you are just getting started, the struggle is the same- how do I keep consistent with the content. According to Jaime, wherever you are in your business you have to focus on creating one valuable piece of content each week and distribute that piece of content everywhere. Their philosophy called “Content work flow” is if you create one valuable piece of video content or a blog post that can be repurposed in multiple places. Your 10 minute video can be turned into 10 or 20 short posts- text posts, quote posts, call-to-action posts, etc. So don’t be afraid to repurpose your content -Facebook people are Facebook people, YouTube people are YouTube people, Instagram people are Instagram people and so on and also a lot of it depends on algorithms, times of day you post it and other factors. One other thing to keep in mind when you are repurposing your content is to pain attention to structure- so that it is clear what are the high level points you wanted to highlight.  

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One other thing that effects your numbers is creating content that your audience wants to engage in. lack of interaction with your audience shows in your comments, likes, etc. and Facebook knows that and drives your reach down. So you have to pay attention to your audience and adapt your strategies to your audience. For example, it is very important for health coaches to understand who the person that they are trying to help is and what is the problem that they are trying to solve.  Get specific about the person you are talking to, know them so well. Once you do that, understand how you can make their life better because they need a tangible outcome on how you are going to make their life better. If you can increase someone else’s status (make them healthier, wealthier, etc.) then you will be able to make that person take out their credit card and make a difference. In Jaime’s case, every time she is talking to one of her clients she writes down every question they ask her and creates some type of content from that that she can later repurpose, especially if that person is her ideal client. This is really helpful for creating new content, especially if you do it on a weekly basis.

Stop just selling, instead provide value, show up, ask them to join your email list, let them send you a message if they have any questions, because some people prefer not to leave comments and want to stay anonymous and eventually they will buy. Because when you are coming from a place of giving and value people feel that and this is especially important for health industry that is extremely personal and this can really help you grow your business when you are first starting. One thing that people often disregard is groups- find groups where your ideal client is hanging out and share your content there, just make sure it is value-driven. So, step one- create awesome content for your ideal client that solves the problem that you know they have and step two- identify the person you are talking to.

When you are repurposing content is best to start with a video.

According to Jaime she always starts with 3 to 5 points in the video and she has a list of high level categories that she likes to address, so she actually goes back- she has these 5 to 7 categories that she always wants to address (for example: grow, launch, nurture, amplify) and she makes sure that every live she does fits into one of those categories. Within each category there are subtopics (for example: email marketing secrets) and that would be the topic for a Facebook live. That Facebook live would have 3 to 5 points within it.

She then downloads that Facebook live and uploads it as a podcast, then she gets it transcribed. After that she uploads it to YouTube with the same description she has on Facebook. She then uses the transcript and cleans it up, transfers it into an email.

After that she creates the “baby content”: 3-5 quotes, couple of short form videos (30-60 sec), and 3-4 longer posts with more value with that one point from Facebook live in each post.

She also creates a blog post that she shares on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest and all the social media posts get distributed to other media platforms. She also turns every Facebook live into a Facebook ad to turn cold traffic into warm traffic (for example ask them for their email).

When creating high level categories for a health niche Jaime recommends that you think about the steps that your client have to go through in order to get from where they are to where they want to be and use those steps to create 5 to 7 high level categories. For example: identifying the issue, mindset, roadblocks on the way, motivation or client testimonials or interviews, etc. But it all depends on the industry and the methods you use.

If you ever feel like you are running out of ideas Jaime’s advice is to post to Facebook groups, ask for questions, feedback and see what people are interested in.

If you are just starting out, Jaime recommends that you start with 2 platforms and email marketing that is non-negotiable. Collect as many email addresses as you can and make sure that you nurture them.

Be gentle with yourself because there is defiantly a learning curve and create one big document to start from. One document that houses everything: links to YouTube, links to the blog, transcriptions, emails, everything and from that one document link email master file, transcription master file, social media calendars so that there is one place where everything lives and then you link out to other places.

If you are interested, you can go to omgnurture.com where you can find a free training on how to take one piece of video content and turn it into twenty, there is also a blueprint there that are really valuable tools to start with. 

Jamie's website: www.outliermarketinggroup.com

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