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Today is a bittersweet episode. 2020 was a wild ride and as we prepare for a new year, we will be doing so separately. That’s right – this is the final episode of the 360 Health Biz Podcast.

We still adore each other, all the amazing guests we’ve had on the show and all our listeners, but we have chosen to discontinue the podcast as an act of self-care.

Going into 2021, it's really important to figure out what do you actually want to focus on and put energy towards. Because every time you say yes to something you're saying no to something else.

When we started this podcast, we were in very different places in our lives and our businesses. When we met two years ago, we were still doing health coaching and we talked business. But we have both progressed in our businesses separately and it's really been a case of creating content twice or even three times.

It started to become more of an obligation instead of something we looked forward to and enjoyed. And once you get to that point, you need to re-evaluate and pivot (which seems to be a theme of 2020).

We do have plans still to do projects together. You will still see us online. And we also do have a secret project to make our resources available to you guys in the future. So stay tuned.

But in the meantime, we have produced a lot of amazing content over the last 2 years. We have over 100 episodes of fantastic information with some top-notch guests so be sure to go through our archive episodes. And if you want us continuously in your eardrums, both of us have our own podcasts.

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The Wealthy Coach Podcast

We wish you all the best for your future business endeavours, and hope you have a happy 2021!

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