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Looking to get more engagement on Instagram? This might help…

If you’re finding you’re putting out great Instagram posts but no one is reading them, there’s one really clear reason why…you’re opening line might stink!

Think about when you scroll through your own Instagram feed, what “stops the scroll” and makes you want to read more on a caption? Likely it’s a great photo and an enticing opening caption.

You’ll notice on Instagram that only the first line & a half show up and then there’s a “see more” function.

Tune in to today’s Biz Bomb episode where Kendra shares some of her “scroll stopping headlines” to give you ideas on how you can change yours up and get the engagement you want!

Get people to read your Instagram Captions

In order to figure out how to get people to stop scrolling through Instagram so they read your post, you first need to know who you want to read it in the first place! Your content that you put on in the world, whether it’s on social media or your website, needs to be what your niche client is looking for.

In order for them to read your Instagram captions, that first line needs to be something intriguing and eye catching.

Ways to do this is by incorporating emojis or capital letters, maybe even a combination of the two. Using either (or both) of these is a pattern interrupter, which will catch the viewers eye as they’re scrolling through.

The content itself of that first line should be thought provoking, maybe shocking or a question. It should be something your viewer desperately wants to know. So they have no other choice but to click “see more” and read the full.

Examples of first liners that get people to read her Instagram posts

These are opening lines that Kendra has used on some of her previous Instagram posts.

“So I heard you’re barely clearing 3k a month in your business, that true?”

“People just can’t afford the cost of working with me, said me in 2015” (and if you feel this way, check out our other Biz Bomb on this topic!)

“Every new health coach comes to this realization, have you?”

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