Biz Bomb – Use Dubb to Personalize Your Lead Emails

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You have heard us talk about personalizing your content and engaging with your audience. In this Biz Bomb episode, we are giving you a mind-blowing tip to personalize your email responses to your leads!

Our audiences are getting emails DAILY so how can you stand out when your email hits their inbox? You’ve got your awesome subject line but what’s next? This is where Dubb can help you out!

Dubb is a software that allows you to record a quick video and embed it into your emails. It’s super easy to use to personalize and custom a video response and easily add to any email body. Let’s say you had a discovery call with a potential client or you have a hot lead. Following the interaction, you could create a video in Dubb with your engaging, personalized message to them and embed that right into that email!

Not only does it integrate with email, but it can also connect with LinkedIn, HubSpot, Facebook and more so you can create quick inspirational videos or thought of the day videos and post those to your social platforms.

Best of all – you can do all of this with a free Dubb account! With the paid account (which is $40 US/month) you can also create landing pages that can link to the video for tracking to show the impact of the video.

We love Dubb to give a quick personal thank you in our emails! These videos are especially helpful right now when social distancing is a thing and we don’t have as much human contact. Your smiling face could make a big difference to your emails rather than the usual text.

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