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Christine Hansen is sleep expert to CEOs, Executives, successful entrepreneurs and high achievers who want to sleep but can’t. Her expertise has been featured in numerous international publications, such as Forbes, The Independent, The Guardian, Business Insider, Reader’s Digest, Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Entrepreneur on Fire and many more.

She is the creator of the “5 Step Sleep Like A Boss Process” focusing on sleep foundations, gut health, thyroid issues, nutrition and hormones that helps people to fall and stay asleep without having to rely on sleeping pills.

As a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Spencer Institute Certified Sleep Science Coach and Nutritional Therapist, Christine combines emotional, lifestyle, and biochemical stress management in bespoke programmes for her clients.

Christine is a mother, #1 Amazon best-selling author for her book Sleep Like A Boss - The Guide To Sleep For Busy Bosses and award- winning entrepreneur of the coup de coeur award of the Creative Young Entrepreneurs Luxembourg Awards. Christine is based in Luxembourg and fluent in English, German, French, and Luxembourgish.

Kendra Perry is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Health Coach & Holistic Nutritionist and winner of the 2018 GHP Private Health Care Awards, Nutritionist of the Year.  In her private practice, she helps women break-free from debilitating fatigue, hormone imbalance and chronic GI disorders with Functional Lab testing and Mineral Analysis so they can create a lives of adventure and excitement. 

She is a mentor to other health practitioners, training them in Functional Lab Testing like Hair Mineral Analysis, the GI-MAP, DUTCH Hormones, Heavy metals and Advanced SIBO Protocols. 

Kendra was a critical member of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Team for over 3 years. She was involved in training students in the certification program, the head clinical adviser in Hair Mineral Analysis and developing the Post-Graduate Association which involved training health coaches in business & marketing strategies plus Functional Health continuing education. 

Kendra in an expert in her field in both Functional Health and Online Business. 

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