About Us

Christine Hansen and Kendra Perry are business besties and online business mentors for health & wellness coaches. They met in 2018 when Kendra was working for Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and she hired Christine to help her host a webinar series on public speaking. They quickly bonded and soon learned that they were both MASSIVE geeks for online business. 

They started the 360 Health Biz Podcast in 2018 to help clueless, confused & tech illiterate health coaches grow profitable online businesses. The  podcast provides strategic & actionable business, marketing and tech tips with plenty of laughs and mildly-inappropriate jokes.

Christine Hansen is founder and CEO of Sleep Like A Boss and is also business coaching helping coaches who work online to translate their effort into cash flow. Her biggest values are honesty and integrity and she is on a mission to help online coaches thrive through her holistic Impact with Integrity Methodâ„¢. 

Kendra is a former 6-figure Functional Health Coach turned online business strategist and course creator for health & wellness practitioners.  She is on a mission to help health coaches go from broke AF to Wealthy AF using the Health Coach Accelerator Method. She also helps coaches scale their business with group programs using the Profitable Groups System. 

Together they help health & wellness coaches get their online businesses off the ground and generating consistent income with their 360 Method.

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