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How to Talk to Your Niche so They Will Listen (The Key to Brand Messaging)

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You’ve nailed down your niche client (thanks to our last episode), congratulations! But now that you know who your client is, how do you actually talk to them?

In today’s episode of the 360 Health Biz Podcast, we are talking about how to keep your brand messaging consistent, authentic, and engaging to your ideal client.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Brand consistently is key, even down to how you dress
  • Creating your messaging means you need to do some investigation on yourself
  • You are your brand, you are your person!
  • The hardest part of being in business isn’t business itself
  • Entrepreneur vs Intrepreneur
  • How to tie everything back to your niche


What is brand messaging

Your brand message must be consistent with who you are. And who you are is what is going to attract your niche clients. Think of it this way, if you are a super chill “flower child”, do you think you will attract uptight business suit professionals? Probably not. And that’s okay!

You are your brand, you are your person. So your niche and your brand messaging need to be a part of you. And here's the difficult thing. A lot of us don't take the time to actually investigate who we are because it's not easy. Many of us don’t find out who we really are until we are in business.

So how do you find out who you are? Just be you – be your authentic self in absolutely every aspect of your business. From Instagram to emails, in your programs, webinars, blog posts and any interviews you do on other podcasts. You need to be you and your messaging should be consistent in everywhere you show up. Once you start doing this, people will pick up on the things that make you, you! And people will reach out to you and say, I love how you are XYZ. And it might be something that you're not aware of. Or it might be something that you never thought was special. But whatever it is, it will be the thing that makes you stand out and they will buy from you because of it.

How to make your brand messaging consistent

Just because you have your niche, doesn't mean that you can't talk about other things. If you want to talk about gut health but your niche is anxiety, you can certainly talk about gut health. The key to that though is you have to bring it back around to your niche. Because if you're talking about all these separate things and you're not showing your audience how it relates to the problem they have, then it feels very scattered and it doesn't feel cohesive.

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Biz Bomb – What are Instagram Reels & Should You Try Them?

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If you’ve scrolled through Instagram lately, there may be a new feature that has caught your eye. In today’s Biz Bomb, Kendra is sharing why you may want to consider adding a Instagram Reel to your content strategy.

What are Instagram Reels

You may have caught on by now that when a new app comes out, Instagram loses their audience to that app. We saw it with Snapchat, Facebook Live, and now TikTok. Instagram’s solution to bringing people back from the TikTok rabbit hole was the introduction of Instagram Reels.

Reels are 30 seconds long videos – using mini video clips in one. You may have seen people dancing around and pointing around the screen with text overlayed where they are pointing. That is an Instagram Reel.

So are Reels for you?

We are going to be 100% honest – we haven’t tried putting an Instagram Reel together but we’ve looked into it and are in the process of putting on together.

Here’s why you should give Instagram Reels a go. When Instagram puts out a new feature, it likes to reward those that use it! Meaning if you post a few Reels, you have a higher chance of getting on the explore page. Which is basically like getting on Oprah’s Favourite Things list.

How to Use IG Reels

If you’re going to use Instagram Reels for your business, you want to make sure it still aligns with your niche and your business. You shouldn’t post a video of you dancing just for the sake of putting out a Reel.

A great way to use Instagram Reels is to use them as a quick learning device. Many successful reels teach viewers. They can do this by dancing around (and you don’t HAVE to dance) and pointing to the screen with tips or learning elements. This could be like 5 ways to sleep better, 6 foods for digestion or 7 signs you’re hormones are running wild! For each of those things, you would point to a different area on the screen and add the point.

There you have it! For an actual how to on setting Instagram Reels up, we just YouTubed it – there are thousands of videos already that will help you on setting it up.

How to Nail Down Your Niche Client Like a Pro!

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Do you often worry that if you're too niched, you're limiting yourself to who you can help?

If you say you help women with their thyroid, who do you think you will draw into your business?

We did the math for you, there are 3.8 BILLION women in the world. And we are fairly confident that most of them don't know where their thyroid is located on the body, let alone how it's affecting their health.

In today's episode of the 360 Health Biz Podcast, we are de-bunking the biggest niching myth: Will I not push away too many people by niching down?

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why your client doesn’t understand your niche
  • 3 steps to creating a kickass niche profile
  • Why talking to everyone means you’re talking to no one
  • What is keeping your client awake at night

By the end of this episode, you should be able to say what you do in one sentence: what you do and who you work with, and have no followup questions.


There are 3 steps you can take TODAY to nail down your niche client. You need to determine 3 categories that make up your ideal client: People, Problem, Desire.


Yes, age, location and gender can play a role in determining your niche, but it's not the be all end all. We recommend starting bit broad and narrow it down over time based on who you attract. But you have to start somewhere because person can't be people from zero to a hundred years old. So start with a stage of life and profession. This could be stay at home moms 30-35.


This needs to be a singular problem. And it should be a problem that actually stresses people out. They worry about it and it reduces their quality of life. People aren't lying awake at night wondering about their thyroid health or how their gut health is related to hormones. They're stressing about the fact that they have diarrhea so bad that they are worried that they're going to crap their pants in tomorrow's PTA meeting.

Think of the problem as a symptom, not the cause of those symptoms. People will only pay to get themselves out of pain and suffering, so it needs to be painful and it needs to be causing suffering.


The desire is basically the solution - what do the people actually want? Their desire has to be directly related to them getting rid of the problem. This is where you can tie in emotion and storytelling of your own. You have to appeal to people's emotions because people don't actually make decisions based on logic. Paint a picture of what life will be like when their problem is solved (and you'll be the one to help them solve it!)

If you want to get your health business off the ground without diy-ing it for the next few years, we will help you with our 90-day bootcamp that will take you from a nobody health coach to sought-after expert. Get on the waitlist here:

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Biz Bomb – How to Use Fiverr for Your Business

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You should NOT be doing any tasks in your business that aren’t about client acquisition or that don’t help you make money. That means tasks that you don’t like doing, aren’t good at or simply take too much time should be outsourced to someone who can do them.

In today’s Biz Bomb episode, Christine has 2 tips on how to use Fiverr to find quality freelancers.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a website where you can hire freelance contractors to pretty much do any work you’re looking to outsource. We have used Fiverr to hire contractors to do anything from small copy writing jobs and graphic design work to simple tasks like typing up invoices.

It got the name Fiverr because when it originally started in 2010, jobs cost as low as $5. Of course, nowadays, jobs start at $25 which is still very affordable for even new coaches. The price depends on the job length and the quality of the contractor.

How do you pick a Fiverr freelancer?

We have two ways of finding freelancers and contractors on Fiverr.

  1. Post a job and do a bid

  2. Do a search and look for the candidate

There are pros and cons to both ways, but we prefer posting the job ourselves and letting the contractors come to us. When you’re writing the job posting, it’s extremely important that you be very descriptive with what you want done and your expectations with it. When it comes to job descriptions, more information is better!

Similar to posting something on Kijiji or Craigslist, you will get A LOT of people responding. We like to take the first 20 responses and sift through those.

We like to hire contractors for cheap for the first job to see if it works out. If they do a good job, we offer a retainer so they’ll get a higher price on an ongoing basis. Win-win for everyone! This has worked for Christine in the past and has used this method for her SEO researcher, video editor and project manager.

Your main focus of your job is to help your clients so you can make money. You shouldn’t be worrying about graphic design and editing videos. By using Fiverr, you will save time and save money.

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