The 360 Health Biz Podcast was created to be the perfect balance between growing your wellness business and increasing your knowledge in Functional Health with Continuing Education Topics. 

In order to create a successful health coaching business, you need to be up-to-date on cutting-edge nutrition strategies but you also need to be saavy in marketing and business so you can get out there and generate income and reach your ideal clients. 

Kendra and Christine both run successful health coaching businesses that they love and are dedicated to helping other wellness professionals to the same. 

We release one episode every 2 weeks on iTunes (or wherever you listen to your podcasts), our Facebook page and our Youtube channel. Our style is carefree, fun and ridiculous (expect lots of laughs). 

this is our recipe for your succes

  • Bi-weekly shows, packed with tried and tested information on business, marketing & Functional Health topics
  • Guest Experts to teach you everything from social media to chat bots to being a kickass public speaker!
  • Laughter, jokes and ridiculousness. No need to take yourself to seriously. Building your business can be profitable and fun!

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Don't waste time researching platforms and apps

Get a breakdown of over 30 tried and trusted tools that both Kendra and Christine have used to grow

6-figure health coaching businesses!

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