What Can a PR Company Do for Your Band?

Public relations companies can help bands and solo musicians in many, many ways, with the goal always being to bring more attention to the musical act and to help them reach a larger audience. By using different channels, including radio, blogs, print publications, digital-only media and even social platforms, publicists can put their clients in front of the masses so they can build a fanbase, make more money, and continue to do what they love. Furthermore, publicists can help bands set specific goals, craft a plan regarding how to reach them, and then execute and implement it.

Dive into some of the ways a PR company can help your band in the article below, and if you think a publicist is what you need to take your career to the next level, reach out to us at Planetary to kick off your world domination.

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Ways Public Relations Companies Can Help Your Band

Public relations companies are well-versed in how to spread information about clients throughout various kinds of media. They understand not only how to distribute information, but perhaps more importantly, how to tell stories about musicians and their work. They may employ paid tactics, such as marketing or advertising, or unpaid/unearned channels. 

A publicist’s skillset may include the ability to write press releases or speeches, hold special events, network with sponsors, blog, manage crises, create and utilize social media accounts and posts, and cultivate relationships with people in the media. Public relations companies can also help you create a press kit, which will then be distributed to media outlets. Electronic press kits (or EPKs) include photos, a short biography, and information about social media channels, among many other things.

Most of the time when a musical act reaches out to hire a publicist, it’s because something major is coming down the pipeline. Public relations in the music industry often centers around campaigns, which are implemented over a certain period of time and promote a specific aspect of a band’s output, such as tours, new albums, new singles, and so on.

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Online Promotion

Music promotion via online media is the best way to reach audiences. Publicists can help your band increase public interest and awareness by attracting coverage in the form of reviews, previews, features, interviews, articles, and other types of online media such as podcasts, online radio, and blogs. Publicists work hard to keep close relationships with editors, writers, and publishers, as well as social media users, so their outreach means more compared to when most artists attempt to do this on their own.


Social Media Promotion

Speaking of social media, it has become increasingly popular throughout the years, and now some artists consider it the best way to speak to their audience…but relying on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as promotion for everything can be tricky, and it’s best to work with someone who knows what they’re doing in terms of content creation and strategy.

Social media requires some serious know-how to get it right, and a lot goes into promoting a tour, album or song on social sites. Advertising on these platforms can be a great use of money, but again, it’s always easier if you have a professional on your side.

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Radio Promotion

Many audiences can still be reached via radio promotion, as the format remains a fantastic way for millions to discover new music. Publicists reach out to radio stations and work with them in an attempt to woo them into playing the music of their clients, or simply to provide feedback. They may also request interviews or other features, depending on the station or the show. 

There are thousands of radio stations out there, so reaching out to all the right people, and doing so well, can be extremely daunting. Hiring a radio promo team is the best way to go in this field, more than any other mentioned in this piece. Most people in this industry have great connections with managers of stations, production and program directors, and radio DJs.

Radio promotion is what built the Planetary Group into the company it is today. It’s what we do best. Shouldn’t you be working with the best? Call us today: (323) 952-5050


Tour Promotion

When a band goes on tour, there are two kinds of promotion that need to happen, usually simultaneously. The act must let the word be known that they’ll be headed out on the road, and then each individual show in every different city must be advertised and marketed as well. Publicists who know what they are doing can handle both of these tasks, ensuring there’s a story carrying throughout all messaging and that everyone from the biggest outlets to the smallest local blogs know about the upcoming performances. 


Indie Music Promotion

Promoting indie music is slightly different from promoting other types of music, and it’s a specialty of ours at the Planetary Group. We understand the specific services that indie bands should use to expand their reach, which may include college radio promotion, consulting and media training services, online publicity services, tour budgeting and promotion, exclusive interviews, and event and show booking. Essentially, everything mentioned above…and then some!

We get to know the unique style and personalities of our clients, and then we can use that knowledge to help us build a comprehensive strategy that matches their desires and needs. Planetary Group has worked with indie bands in the genres of eclectic and fusion, alternative, electronica, folk and bluegrass, funk, pop, R&B, rap, rock, soul, and everything in between. 

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International Music Promotion

Are you based outside of the U.S.? Not a problem for Planetary Group, as we’re skilled in international music promotion thanks to years spent developing a network of contacts around the world. We can leverage this valuable network to promote bands from different countries or that plan on touring internationally.

Planetary Group is also skilled at assisting bands with applications for financial grants that will allow them to fund more of their tours.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you think you need a publicist. Let’s figure out if that’s really the next step for you: (323) 952-5050