How to Promote your Music on SoundCloud


Our promotion guide has already shown you the pros and cons of promoting your music on a platform like YouTube. If you’re definitely sure that your music belongs on the internet, there are plenty more services available to give your latest tracks the exposure they deserve. For artists in need of being discovered, or for those who just want to reach a larger audience, a SoundCloud profile can be a very powerful tool.

Setting up your SoundCloud Profile

If you love music, you’ve probably already heard of this site or even used it as a listener. In case you haven’t, SoundCloud is an audio platform that was created in 2007, initially conceived as a tool for musicians to share recordings with each other. Eventually, it arrived at its current purpose: publishing and sharing music content from all over the world.

As of December 2014, the site attracts 175 unique monthly visitors. Its massive roster of creators uploads over 12 hours of content every single minute. In light of the abundance of music fighting for listeners’ attention, it is crucial to use the service in the most efficient way possible. That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of all the functionalities of the SoundCloud profile.

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Selecting the Right Kind of Account

There are three ways you can join SoundCloud as a creator: Partner, Pro and Premier. The Partner account is a free, basic set-up that allows for up to three hours of content to be uploaded. It gives you statistics on your plays and profile views, and offers online account support. The Pro option requires monthly payments in exchange for additional perks (see below for more details). As for the Premier account, it is currently invite-only.

Although you should consider all the options before selecting one account type, it is probably a good idea to kick off your profile on the basic side and upgrade it when you have familiarized yourself with the platform.

Customized Identity and Outlook

A great profile means nothing if people can’t find you. Make sure to properly enter your display name. Mind spaces, capital letters and special characters for a professional look. Your customized profile URL should also be clean and simple. If your name is already taken, try a variation like “” Avoid adding numbers to the mix, which may confuse listeners.

As with many other sites, you may customize the look of the profile with your own images. Make sure to choose a profile image in 800 x 800 size that best represents your group or yourself. For the header, try downloading a Photoshop template like this one to properly make use of the space. Remember to refresh it often, and to mention latest releases or upcoming shows in that space.

Choosing your Music Content

Now that you’ve taken care of all the surrounding elements, it’s time for the main ingredient: your music. Here are a few aspects to consider when choosing the winning tracks:

-Choose songs that best represent your style and properly showcase your talent.

-Try to upload pieces that fit the average listener’s time-span. Anything between three and five minutes is a good range.

-Include your most recent content, specially the songs currently being promoted as singles.

-Don’t crowd your player. The first upload should not include more than five to ten songs.


Maximize the Impact of your SoundCloud Account

Now that you’ve set up the basics, its time to flaunt the latest addition to your online presence. Add a widget to your website that plays the tracks directly from your SoundCloud. Include the customized URL in any new promotional content and make sure to invite your fans to visit it on every show or interview.

Because it’s a place for music lovers, SoundCloud is the perfect space for promoting new releases. Any special remixes, rarities or old demos that you want to share? Upload them to your player and ask fans to provide feedback.

As with most socially-oriented sites, interacting with your audience is key. Commenting, following back and even sending specially recorded messages to those who follow your craft will establish a strong bond.

Going Pro with your SoundCloud Account

If you’re enjoying the experience and wish to take your account to the next level, going Pro is a smart choice with many benefits. This kind of account will run you $55 or $135 a year, depending on the features you want.

A few of the sweeter perks include extensive statistics on your visitors, priority email response, and up to six hours of upload space (or even unlimited uploads). If you carefully craft your SoundCloud strategy, you may even be chosen for the Premier invite-only program, with enhanced profiles and monetization capabilities.

But if you’re truly ready to become a pro, Planetary Group can help you manage all your online presence and shine a spotlight on your art. You can contact us at (323) 952-5050.

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