Online Band Promotion

At Planetary Group, we have a team versed in promotion, with a love for music, who are experienced working with the people in the places you need your music to go. By utilizing our access to tastemakers and ad services at Spotify, Instagram, YouTube,  bandcamp, soundcloud, and more, we can help push your music to the most highly visited locations for music on social media.

There is only so far a band can go without someone located in the business end of the industry. Here’s how we can assist you get to the next level of exposure and song streams.



Being on Spotify is one thing, but getting a healthy flow of traffic to your songs for streaming is the difficult bit. Through playlists and ad placements, we can help build an online audience that goes further than just one random stream.

By analyzing and responding to the statistics and demographics in your Spotify insights, we can tailor playlists and ad placements in the regions where people like your music for the specific demographics that already are finding magic in your sound. 

We know that we live in a world where most people are looking at their phone most of the time, and a lot of that time they’re looking at Instagram or YouTube. Getting your songs to those ubiquitous platforms can grow your streams and begin to hook fans that will follow and pre-order your singles. 

Bandcamp is the quickest growing site for selling music directly to fans. Placement on their front page or featured artist section is like a stamp of approval from the super dedicated fans of indie music. Finding yourself in a good position there helps with lateral growth in different states/regions, it also can help land more press at blogs and sites with cultural capital.


One of the most important elements of online band promotion is streamlining the branding of the band: a clear HD photograph of the group, a solid single prepared with dates ready, and all the links to all the social media accounts ready and set-up. Bands tend to rebrand their website with each new single or full length album release, with new images and art to match the new material. Others use a site like link tree to easily display all of their streaming accounts, socials, and videos.

After that point, we can take your press kit and apply it to the correct channels to get your music out where people can find and hear them.



Advertisement prospects for music goes beyond just the typical arbiters of taste. At Planetary Group, we can also advertise at the very places where people go to read about or buy their music.

Imagine your band portrait on that leads straight to your Amazon Music page.

Imagine people seeing the name of your band and release date above a review in noisey.

Or Pitchfork.

Or Billboard.

The possibilities are as wide as the internet’s reach.


Those who work at these outlets ignore thousands of emails a week and keep up best they can with new and rising artist and accounts. Since we are already acquainted and friends with the people inside who help push music to the forefront, you don’t have to waste time or face dissapointment.

With a proper online promotional plan put in place, you can trend upward and build during this perfect time period for growth. Combined with our radio promo and other services offered, let Planetary Group deliver your music to the world.