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Now that the live music world is coming back into its own, its time to get back out on the road. That means dusting off the road cases, getting all your gear serviced, and stocking up on the dispensable necessities of a musician’s life: guitar strings, drum sticks, picks, earplugs, you name it.

Booking a bunch of shows, whether regionally or around the nation, is super exciting and it is easy to dive in headfirst without making a solid, organized promotional plan in order to make sure people in the places you are going know:

A. That you’re coming!


B. You have great new music!

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Now that you’re back together making music and all your gear is ready to go, it’s time to craft a set or two that best exemplifies your band’s live sound and showcases what you do without being too varied or too monotonous.

Most touring bands have a 30-45 minute set (that varies) and a longer form that is from 60-90 (sometimes 120) minutes, for bigger or longer gigs. The shorter set is more concise and showcases the most popular streaming songs and uses the other tunes to show a little variety or slow it down or speed it up depending on the band’s general mood.


So you’ve nailed down your set(s) and stomped down the bar scene in your local town or city and its surrounding areas. You can pretty much play with your eyes closed and don’t need a setlist anymore because its so ingrained. You’ve booked a tour, you’ve got the van or bus, and you’ve figured out the jigsaw puzzle of how to fit all the band’s gear that one special way… but now you have a new dilemma.

People need to come to all these shows you booked, so you the venue will pay you and so you can sell your music to your fans. In order for people to know you exist people have to find your music first and then find out you’re playing near them.

This is where a well organized and executed promotional campaign comes in.

By utilizing strategic regional promotional plans based on your itinerary, we can promote according to each true you plan and take. A couple of possible prongs for your campaign could include, but is not limited to:

Regional promotion on Facebook and Instagram:

Targeting regions at specific periods before and just when you’ll be rolling through town increase possible ticket sales and drives internet traffic for your socials either way.

Targeted NonComm radio placements:

We pitch your music to the regional radio stations read to play your music. Before you go out to a place like Philadelphia or Nashville, get on their local and college stations.


Now that touring is back on the horizon, it’s time to pay it forward and put in the proper legwork so you don’t wind up driving four hours a day to play half full venues who almost closed a year earlier.

Our experience, knowledge, and good relationships with industry go-getters will put your music on the radar of the people who are ready to come see you live when you come through their city or town.

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At Planetary Group, we specialize in promoting touring bands. Our experts can assist in the following ways:

RADIO PROMO: We listen to your music and make recommendations. Then we promote it to national college radio, AAA, non-commercial, NPR, public radio and commercial-specialty shows. There is no genre we can’t bring to the masses, and working with touring bands is one of our specialties.

INTERNATIONAL: Not in the US? No problem, we offer our services on a case by case, tailor-made basis to clients outside of America. Depending on different goals and different geographical areas of focus we can help you:

– Broaden your audience.
– Be heard by radio stations.
– Earn recognition and coverage from media outlets, industry professionals, and record labels.

Want to break out in the US? We can help promote you in the places your music will hit hardest and consult to help you promote along tour routes and pitch interviews, sessions, and ticket giveaways for supporting stations in tour markets.

DIGITAL MARKETING: We get your music to online publishers of magazines, newspapers, free weeklies, websites, blogs, podcasts, and online radio. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new band just starting, we can help you begin a ubiquitous presence online across all social media starting now.

CONSULTING: We don’t just get you the press, we can help you learn how to best operate within the music press and learn the best strategies for making the most of social media, radio appearances, promotional events, and more.

 We’re just an email or a phone call away. Get in touch with our experienced team at Planetary Group to find out how you can boost your online presence and increase your fan base. You can give us a call in at (323) 952-5050.




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